Four new Chr. Hansen cultures for soft cheese

Chr. Hansen expands the cheese culture palette with four new cultures aimed at producing soft cheese with just the right taste, texture and appearance.

By focusing on reliability and quality, Chr. Hansen has grown to become the world's number one provider of cheese cultures. Chr. Hansen offers a full range of cultures including both acidification cultures and ripening cultures.

Improved acidification, flavor and texture
Now Chr. Hansen introduces four new soft cheese cultures meeting producer needs and consumer preferences: two thermophilic cultures, F-DVS GK-01 and F-DVS CZ-03, developed for helping soft cheese producers reach the acidification and texture needs of the Gorgonzola and of the Crescenza, and additionally two mesophilic cultures, F-DVS TRADI-01 and F-DVS FRESH-01, contributing to obtain the unique acidification and flavor of cheese based on mesophilic production, e.g. Camembert and different blue cheeses. Mesophilic cultures thrive in temperatures between 15 and 35°C (59-95°F). Thermophilic cultures require between 35 and 45°C (95-113°F).

Consistent performance
The new cheese cultures come in the easy-to-use DVS® (Direct Vat Set) packaging form invented by Chr. Hansen. DVS is a highly concentrated and standardized frozen or freeze-dried dairy culture used for the direct inoculation of milk. DVS cultures need no activation or other treatment prior to use and offer a number of advantages in terms of flexibility of use, consistent performance, no investment in bulk starter equipment and possibility of using customized culture blends.

“Soft cheese represents a world of indulgence,” says Jean-Michel Lepetit, Marketing Manager, Cheese Cultures, Chr. Hansen. “What else can match the extreme sensation of the Gorgonzola’s soft texture, the strong taste of the Roquefort, or the wildness and the balance of the Camembert? I am positive that these new cultures will help our cheese producing customers manufacture delicious soft cheeses - without having to use the constraining bulk starter production method.”

Soft cheese is popular cheese
Being the fourth biggest cheese segment in the world the soft cheese market accounts for 12% of global cheese production. The main feature of the soft cheese segment is diversity; Camembert, Brie, Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Argentine Port Salut, Crescenza are all soft cheeses, and many more exist.

1.7 million tons of soft cheese is produced annually, mainly in four countries: France, Italy, Argentina and Germany. In southern Europe and in South America more soft cheese is produced than any other type of cheese and southern European cheese producers alone manufacture 0,8 million ton of soft cheese annually.

For further information on this press release, please contact:

Jean-Michel Lepetit, Marketing Manager, Cheese Cultures, Chr. Hansen
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Ulrik Soendergaard, PR Consultant, Chr. Hansen
Telephone: +45 45 74 71 09
E-mail: [email protected]

About Chr. Hansen
Chr. Hansen is a global biotechnology company that provides ingredients to the food, dairy, human health and nutrition, and animal health industries. Based on intensive research, Chr. Hansen works to improve the quality of food and health for people all over the world. The company is a leading supplier of cultures, probiotics, enzymes, colors, and flavors which are applied in foods and beverages, dietary supplements, and agricultural products.
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