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'The Frankie Boyer Show' Goes National

Award-Wining Health Care Radio Show Will Be Heard In Boston, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Indiana

Boston (January 20, 2003) - "The Frankie Boyer Show," hosted by Boston's health expert and recent recipient of the American Heart Association's Distinguished Service Award, Frankie Boyer, will be syndicated to national audiences beginning Monday, January 20th. As part of this new transition, Boyer’s show will be extended from one hour to two hours allowing her to delve further into critical health issues.

Boyer's show will be broadcast for two hours on the following Langer Broadcasting Stations; WSRO 650-AM (Boston), WAZN 1470-AM (Boston), WVFC 1530-AM (Pennsylvania), and WLTH 1370-AM (Gary, Indiana). Boyer's "The Weekend Health Seminar" can still be heard on WBIX 1060-AM on Sundays 10-11:30 a.m.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the show," said Boyer. "We're expanding into different markets and will now be on for two hours. This will give us the opportunity to delve deeper into critical health issues that face our nation.

The Frankie Boyer show is the bridge between traditional and alternative approaches to health. Boyer will continue to discuss men's and women's health issues, approaches to anti-aging as well as the medical advances and challenges facing our nation.

The Frankie Boyer Show regularly features special guests who provide expert advice to listeners on a wide range of health topics. Guests often include fitness gurus and specialized doctors. Celebrity guests such as Senator Edward Kennedy, Marilou Henner, and Dr.Tim Johnson have also been known to visit the show.

"I'm very excited to have this award-winning health show on our network," Said Alex Langer, Chairman and CEO of Langer Broadcasting Network. " The show has been an incredible success in New England, and we are thrilled at the prospect of syndicating the show across the nation."

Langer Broadcasting Network, headquartered in Boston, MA, is dedicated to serving the needs of radio stations looking for innovative, competitive programming, as well as independent suppliers seeking an effective and reliable vehicle to deliver their shows in markets of all sizes. Distribution is nationwide on the Starguide system.

For more information about the syndication of The Frankie Boyer Show, please contact Joanne Quinones at 781-647-5372 or [email protected]


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