Frontier Global Sciences Receives ISO 17025 Accreditation

Frontier Global Sciences (Formally, Frontier Geo-Sciences Inc.), an internationally recognized leader in the testing of heavy metals, announced today it was awarded what is considered the Apex of laboratory accreditations, ISO 17025.

ISO 17025 is a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 17025 was developed so that testing and calibration laboratories could be recognized for their capabilities and areas of competence. All measurements and decisions are based on accurate, repeatable, verifiable, cost effective, timely, believable, measurements, opinions, and recommendations. ISO 17025 helps assure this happens first time, every time, and on-time.

Specifically, ISO 17025 gives guidance to laboratories on quality, management, technical requirements and recognizes excellence in operations. In addition, the accreditation promotes continual improvement of management systems, allowing for greater focus on customer satisfaction. This award spotlights Frontier’s commitment to delivering services of the best quality to its customers based on the highest internationally recognized practices and procedures.

Accredited Laboratories can offer the highest level of reassurance to their customers that all data and opinions, upon which they rely, can be traced backed through an unbroken chain of data based on ISO 17025.

Expanding regulations in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, and consumer products industries for heavy metals testing, have created additional demand for low level trace or heavy metals testing. Frontier Global Sciences offers a variety of services designed specifically to test for toxic metals in consumer products.

ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, like Frontier global Sciences, provide the industry with the confidence they need to produce quality data to help meet those requirements.

About Frontier Global Sciences (Formerly Frontier Geosciences Inc)
Not long ago Frontier Global Sciences was Frontier GeoSciences Inc. In recent years, Frontier GeoSciences has worked toward expanding their services and recently emerged as “Frontier Global Sciences”. The change to Global more accurately reflects the expanding services offered beyond the environmental client base they have been known for world wide. Frontier Global Sciences has only changed its name. The Company maintains the same ownership and staff it has had for years.

Internationally recognized for over 18 years, the Seattle based analytical laboratory has specialized in ultra low level detection of heavy metals in the environment. Frontier has always provided innovative solutions and “gold standard” analytical services to corporations and government entities throughout the world. In more recent years, Frontier’s award winning systems have provided for logical and seamless additions to their analytical services in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and consumer products arenas.

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