Frontier Soups provides Weight Watchers point values

Frontier Soups provides Weight Watchers point values

Frontier Soups now provides consumers with Weight Watchers point values for its 33 soup mixes, which are based on traditional American regional cooking.

Diet and health conscious consumers now will know the Weight Watchers point values for each of Frontier Soups gourmet soup mixes.

As prepared, Frontier Soups 33 soup mixes range from three to eight points per one cup serving with 27 of the mixes six points or less per serving, said Trisha Anderson, company founder. The point values were determined by an independent nutritionist, Anderson said.

As a flavorful enhancement for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the company is introducing an eight-pack of its best-selling South of the Border Tortilla Soup mix, which is low-carb and gluten free with just four Weight Watchers points per serving. The eight-pack is specially priced at $38.40, a savings of nearly $10.

Frontier Soups soup mixes are designed to satisfy a variety of dietary choices from 28 gluten free soups to 12 vegetarian soups. They also fit well into popular weight loss programs like the Atkins and South Beach Diet low-carb plans. A low-carb three-pack includes New Mexico Mesa Spicy Fiesta, Indiana Harvest Sausage Lentil, and Oregon Lakes Wild Rice and Mushroom, Anderson said. The Washington State Squash and Lentil Soup, which is vegetarian as prepared, has just four Weight Watchers points per serving and is specially priced this month at $5.95, a savings of $1.05. It also is available in a vegetarian soup five-pack.

In addition, many of the soups offer ingredient substitutions for vegetarian meals or to lower calories and point values, Anderson said. For example, Frontier Soups’ website recipe blog features a vegetarian adaptation of the white bean chili soup mix, which substitutes sweet potato for ground turkey. “We have designed our soup mixes to be flexible enough to fit into nearly every lifestyle,” she said. “The common denominators are that our soups, such as our best-selling Illinois Prairie Corn Chowder, are based on wholesome American regional cooking, provide an authentic taste of home, and are easy to cook with minimal hands-on preparation time.”

Frontier Soups soup mixes are all natural with no added salt, preservatives or MSG. For more information about the company’s 33 varieties, including 28 gluten free soup mixes, check online at or call 1-800-300-7687 (SOUP.)


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