Fruit Flavor Trends in Flavored Waters Drive New Concepts From Frutarom

“Across many market segments, we’re seeing growing consumer interest and acceptance of new and novel fruit flavors, and it’s especially evident in the flavored water category, an area that we’ve been dedicated to, anticipating the trends and driving our efforts long before some trends took such strong hold among consumers,” said Bill Graham, Vice President, Sales, Frutarom USA Inc.

Jim Moore, Frutarom’s Global Category Manager, Beverages, talked about the vast scope of flavors and ingredients that the company offers that are ideally suited to flavored waters. “From the good-for-you, healthy standpoint,” he said, “our line of EFLA ingredients and natural botanical extracts are a strong advantage. For example, Neuravena®, our Wild Green Oat Special Extract, part of the EFLA line, is known to enhance mental health and the cognitive function. Along with many other natural extracts in this line, it also provides the purity, solubility and stability that are essential to manufacturers of flavored waters. Additionally, many of these extracts make a distinctive contribution to appealing taste, imparting a natural mouthfeel and giving added depth to the flavor profile.”

Mr. Moore underscored how Frutarom’s strength in natural and beneficial extracts is perfectly complemented by Frutarom’s success in tasty and innovative fruit flavors. “We’re committed to creating interesting combinations of flavors. Some recent work features unusual and appealing blends of hot and spicy flavors with fresh fruit components. Innovative matching of strawberry and cloves, lime and cracked pepper, and mango and ginger are yielding wonderfully unique taste sensations,” he stated.

Elderberry, acai, yumberry, blueberry and pomegranate are also tastes that offer many possibilities and Frutarom has been exploring these in trial formulations in their dedicated beverage applications laboratories. “As raw materials, these ‘superfruits’ are hard to come by, making them suited to premium products,” said Mr. Moore. He pointed out that alternative sources are continually being explored by Frutarom and that “we’re finding that these optional sources sometimes yield higher concentrations of vitamins and polyphenols.”

In conclusion, Mr. Graham cited the company’s well established expertise in natural, FTNF, WONF, artificial and natural and organic flavors and citrus specialties. “When you combine our global resources, comprehensive turnkey services, and dedicated beverage laboratories with our exclusive product lines, Frutarom stands out as the ideal partner for flavored waters. Our idea of ‘tasty and healthy success’ is why more and more customers are turning to us when they want this unbeatable combination of great taste and health benefits in their product formulations.”

For more information, please contact Frutarom at 201-861-9500, or Maria Garvey, Delfino Marketing, at 914-747-1400 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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Frutarom operates through two divisions:

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Since 1993, Frutarom has successfully implemented a rapid growth strategy that combines organic growth at above-industry levels with strategic acquisitions of synergistic companies.
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