Fuji Chemical Guarantees its Astaxanthin Products (AstaREALTM and AstaTROLTM) to be 100% Free of Ethoxyquin

TOKYO, JAPAN: On April 2, 2002 there were voluntary recalls of astaxanthin products containing Ethoxyquin. The recall involved several major Japanese supplement companies including Suntory and DHC with over 180,000 bottles already sold in Japan. Ethoxyquin is allowed in animal feed as a chemical preservative. Fuji Chemical Industries, one of the world’s primary producers of natural astaxanthin, announced that its astaxanthin products, AstaREALTM and AstaTROLTM produced by its subsidiary, MicroGaia, in Maui, Hawaii were not involved in this recall and are 100% free of Ethoxyquin.

Japanese supplement companies including Fancl, Nissui, Chuo Pharmaceutical, and Morishita Jintan that used Fuji’s AstaREALTM as an ingredient were not involved in this recall. Fancl made an official statement on April 4, 2002 that its product, Multi-carotene & Astaxanthin, is safe and free of Ethoxyquin. Suntory, after recalling its astaxanthin products, is planning to reformulate their entire line of astaxanthin products using Fuji’s AstaREALTM. Fuji Chemical Industries (USA), Inc., Robbinsville NJ, a subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Toyama Japan, is also guaranteeing that its astaxanthin products, AstaREALTM and AstaTROLTM, available in the US to be 100% Ethoxyquin free. Fuji USA can be reached at: 1-800-905-3854.

Fuji continues its commitment to be one of the world’s primary producers of natural, high quality astaxanthin. For more information about Fuji’s products, please contact:
Yoko Uchida; 7-B Marlen Drive, Robbinsville, NJ 08691; (609) 890-2490, [email protected]

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