FungusAmongUs Announces Additions To Truffle Line

Snohomish, WA. – FungusAmongUs, purveyors of organic and natural exotic mushroom products, announces the introduction of two new products to their Savini Truffle line: Honey with White Truffle and Balsamic Vinaigrette with White Truffle. These delicious specialty products are direct from Tuscany! They are unique, versatile and conveniently add the essence of truffle to any dish.

“Honey”: use with cheeses, ice cream, fruit and to roast game and fowl. “Vinaigrette”: use on salads, as a quick marinade, or as a dressing for cooked or raw vegetables or meats.

Each product comes in cases of 6. Honey: SRP $19.50 Balsamic Vinaigrette: SRP $21.75
Sales Contact: [email protected]


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