Fusion Formulations Quadruples Liquid Manufacturing Capacity

Fusion Formulations has invested in quadrupling its capacity for liquid manufacturing, resulting in much higher output and speed to provide its clients with more advantageous economical pricing.

Fusion Formulations now has two new 1500 gl mix tanks that allow larger batch sizes and reduce changeover time achieving shorter overall finished product lead times. Also, new Phase Fire heat tunnels and an Axon applicator machine allow fully automated shrink-labeling process for decorated full-sleeve labels on any bottle shape. Bottle sizes from 4 oz to 32 oz are now run on Fusion Formulations’ fully automated filling/capping/ labeling production line.

Plus, a new FTNIR analytical testing instrument reduces raw material analysis and release time from two weeks to two days achieving shorter overall finished product lead times.

Overall, the new equipment allows for Fusion Formulations’ daily output to increase from an average of 6,000 bottles per day to 22,000 bottles per day and 110,000 bottles per week with a total capacity up to 700,000 bottles per week.

“The demand for liquid nutrition continues to grow unabated,” says Brad Grossman, President and CEO of Fusion Formulations. “We feel there’s a simple reason. Humans must drink to survive and if people can consume something delicious, refreshing and that offers them solid nutrition, over empty, sugar-laden drinks, they are much more likely to choose the healthier beverage.”

Further, “Fusion Formulations, with its experienced staff, inventive corporate culture and devotion to safety and quality, is primed to help beverage marketers launch new products or line extensions.”

About Fusion Formulations
Fusion Formulations is a GMP-certified contract manufacturer and private-label manufacturer. Fusion Formulations is an experienced leader in customized contract manufacturing of nutraceutical beverages, plus nutraceutical, vitamin, mineral and botanical tablets, capsules and powders.

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