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Ganeden BC30 probiotic now in Gaspari Nutrition products

Ganeden BC30 probiotic now in Gaspari Nutrition products
Gaspari Nutrition’s MyoFusion® and Real Mass® Probiotic products now feature the probiotic GanedenBC30®.

Ganeden Biotech announced today that its industry leading probiotic GanedenBC30 has been selected by nutritional products leader Gaspari Nutrition to power the company’s new MyoFusion® and Real Mass® Probiotic Series products. The new probiotic series products help support digestive and immune health and will be available at GNC stores nationally beginning in December 2011.

Gaspari Nutrition is widely viewed as the leading brand of nutritional products to meet the specific needs of both professional and amateur athletes and body builders from muscle building and recovery to mass building and protein mixes. For nearly 10 years, Gaspari Nutrition has been developing products to help athletes look and perform better based by combining nutritional science with high quality ingredients.

Ganeden and its distributor Glanbia Nutritionals have been working with Gaspari Nutrition’s research and development team to create new formulations for the company’s popular MyoFusion protein powder and Real Mass Elite Athlete Weight Gainer Powder. The result is a product series combining performance with health and wellness benefits.

Rich Gaspari, founder and president of Gaspari Nutrition, was a professional body builder for more than 20 years and won numerous competitions and titles including Mr. America, Mr. Universe and was three-time runner up Mr. Olympia.  According to Gaspari, the new Probiotic Series products match performance with great taste and now, the probiotic GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans BGI-30, 6086).

“Once the benefits of probiotics were brought to my attention, I knew I needed to put them in a great tasting product like MyoFusion and Real Mass,” said Rich Gaspari, President, Gaspari Nutrition. “If you’re an athlete or a company owner like me, you always need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Athletes need support for recovery and fueling their muscles and that’s just what our new Probiotic Series products do and all with great taste too.”

According to Gaspari, they considered a variety of probiotics before finding GanedenBC30.  It was the only probiotic strong enough to meet their stringent needs. The composition of GanedenBC30 differentiates itself from other probiotics with its ability to survive manufacturing processes, shelf life, stomach acids and intestinal bile. This allows GanedenBC30 to be incorporated into a variety of foods ranging from frozen yogurt and baked goods to hot cereals and confections. The strength of GanedenBC30 can be linked to its naturally occurring layer of organic material that protects the genetic core of the bacteria. Other probiotics, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, are unable to form this protective layer, making them more vulnerable to manufacturing conditions.

“For years we’ve said that GanedenBC30 packed a punch but to be selected by Gaspari Nutrition as the probiotic for their signature product MyoFusion and the popular Real Mass product is testament to the strength of our science and people,” said Mike Bush, Vice President of Business Development, Ganeden Biotech.  “There is a great deal of research indicating that athletes need probiotics to strengthen their immune systems when training. To be included in the new Probiotic Series products from Gaspari Nutrition means GanedenBC30 will be used by some of the best athletes on the planet.”

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About Ganeden Biotech

Founded in 1997, Ganeden Biotech is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and is at the forefront of probiotic research and innovative product development with GanedenBC30®, its patented, probiotic ingredient. GanedenBC30 can be found in more than 50 foods, including popular brands like Red Mango frozen yogurt and ice teas, Naked Pizza pizza dough, Heartland Sweeteners Nevella with Probiotics, and R.C. Bigelow's Herb Plus Tea. For more information on the probiotic ingredient GanedenBC30 and licensing opportunities for food and beverage applications, visit

About Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Nutrition is headquartered in Lakewood, NJ, and a rapidly expanding healthy life-style sports company that develops and distributes a full line of nutritional supplements. Gaspari’s propriety and award winning products address all categories of an active lifestyle including muscle building, weight loss, and maintaining general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen. They are one of the few companies to sponsor independent 3rd party research on their products Gaspari Nutrition is sold in over 85 countries and available in over 5,000 US retail outlets that include GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, as well as over 100 online stores, including, Amazon and For more information, please visit


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