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Gardenburger Goes ‘Beyond The Bun’ With New Soy Products

Surprisingly meaty-tasting, all natural soy-protein Riblets and Meatless Sausage join the 'Missionaries of Meatless' lineup


Instruct your taste buds to rise, shine and dance a little jig; the official “missionaries of meatless” have ushered in two new soy-based products that will serve to benefit the eater as much as the earth -- juicy and tender Gardenburger Meatless Riblets and the all-natural Meatless Breakfast Sausage.

“For more than 15 years, Gardenburger has made it its mission to be the leading provider of healthy, great tasting products that help to sustain the health and integrity of our planet,” said Scott Wallace, CEO and chairman of the board of Gardenburger Authentic Foods. “Our Riblets and Meatless Breakfast Sausage are a delicious and natural extension of this undertaking.”

Meatless Riblets would fall off the bone… if there were any

These smoky, tangy Riblets are simply drippin' with mouth-watering barbecue sauce. You can nuke your Riblets in the microwave-- the texture and taste will satisfy the rib aficionado. Try Riblets with Boston baked beans, fresh corn, potato salad or coleslaw at your next cookout. A 10-ounce box of Meatless Riblets retails for $3.50.

“I have received a tremendous amount of feedback from consumers who have--somewhat skeptically-- picked up Sausage and Riblets at the grocery store,” said Wendy Preiser, vice president of marketing for Gardenburger. “Once they’ve tasted the products, however, uncertainty turns to disbelief because the texture and taste are undeniably meat like. Response has been so positive, in fact, that some places are having a hard time keeping product on the shelves.”

Meatless Breakfast Sausage: we took the pig out so you can pig out!

Not only will the taste of this generously seasoned sausage remind you of the homemade kind you might find in a little roadside diner, it also packs a nutritional punch, containing plenty of soy protein and only 50 calories each. A perfect mate for eggs, the Meatless Breakfast Sausage can be prepared on a stove top or in the microwave. Suggested retail price for a 10-ounce box containing six patties is $3.15.

According to market research conducted by AC Nielsen, the meatless breakfast category makes up 20 percent of the meatless industry. The addition of the Meatless Breakfast Sausage to Gardenburger Authentic Foods’ lineup marks the company’s foray into the breakfast category.

Both the Riblets and Sausage products are available at grocery and natural food chains across the country.

About Gardenburger, official “missionaries of meatless” Founded in 1985, Gardenburger Inc. pioneered the original meatless patty, and has been pushing the meatless category to new levels ever since. An independent company, Gardenburger’s vision is to promote pure food and a healthy environment. From the classic, grain-based Gardenburger Original to the ground-breaking barbeque Riblets, the company distributes its meatless products to more than 35,000 foodservice outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Retail customers include more than 30,000 grocery, natural food and club stores. Based in Portland, Ore., the company employs approximately 185 people.

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