Gateway Announces International Distribution

LAS VEGAS, Mar 29, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- It has been announced that Gateway Distributors Limited, a publicly trading Company (GWDB) is in the process of negotiating and signing substantial export and wholesale distribution contracts for a period of 5 years, worth over 20 million US dollars, with major companies in the health & dietary supplements operating in China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

The principal activity of Gateway Distributors Limited, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is to distribute whole food nutrition, health and dietary supplements and skin care products. The Group has been in business since 1993 and markets and distributes eighteen different nutritional and health products under the trademark of the Right Solution and nine Jeunesse by Francois skin care products. Currently, the Company sells its products primarily in the USA, Canada and Japan. Some of the products covered by the Group include Fulvic Factor, Body Gard(TM) with Lactoferrin, Lifetonic, Master Formula, Natural Immunity, New Life Corrective A, SuperFood, etc.

The Company's management has long attempted to achieve wider international sales for its products which ultimately culminated in negotiating long-term contracts with international companies. One of the companies contacted is headquartered in Yongzhou, China, which supplies nutritional food supplements and natural herbal extracts to thousands of stores and supermarkets across mainland China and Hong Kong. The combined population of the region covered by Hunan Nature is about 1.6 billion people (over 20 per cent of the total population of the Earth) and consumers there have been increasingly conscious of the latest developments in the dietary and nutritional supplements, such as those distributed by Gateway Distributors Limited.

These contracts envisages annual supplies of $ 5 million worth of products gradually rising to $ 20 million over the life-time of the contracts, likely to bring healthy revenues to the Company which enjoys substantial margin on its sales.

Rick Bailey President / CEO said, "These contracts will almost certainly bring the Company into the medium-level league of the international distributors operating in this market segment ensuring lasting stability and revenue growth thanks to the contract size and diversification of its geographical risks. Company's management continues its renewed international sales expansion drive, and more news of forthcoming contracts are expected to emerge shortly covering various regions in the world."

Additional information regarding the Company can be found on our website at

A number of statements contained in this press release are forward-looking statements, which are made pursuant to the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including the timely development, and market acceptance conditions, successful integration of acquisitions and the ability to secure additional sources of financing. The actual results that GWDB may achieve could differ materially from any forward-looking statements due to such risks and uncertainties.

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