G&G registers trademark for G-agmatine

G&G registers trademark for G-agmatine

Gilad&Gilad LLC,announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently registered its trademarked neuroprotective ingredient G-agmatine®.

Gilad&Gilad LLC, the developer and exclusive supplier of the nutraceutical Neurofencine[TM], announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently registered its trademarked neuroprotective ingredient G-agmatine®.

G-agmatine®, the active ingredient in Neurofencine[TM], is Gilad&Gilad'sexclusive brand of agmatine, an amino acid metabolite which acts as a shotgun targeting multiple molecular mechanisms critical for healthy nerve functions including: key neurotransmitters; potassium and calcium ion channels; nitric oxide (NO) production; polyamine metabolism; and extracellular proteins.

G-agmatine®is present in small amounts in plant, fish and meat foodstuffs. Recent clinical studies, published in Pain Medicine (Pain Medicine 11: 356–368, 2010), demonstrate that high amounts of dietary G-agmatine® are safe and effective solution for pain-free nerve functions, healthy sensory functions and muscle strength, and improve quality of life in people with sciatica.

According to the authors, "Agmatine interacts with multiple molecular targetswhich are compromised not only as a result of nerve compression pathologies such as sciatica, but also as a typical consequence of traumatic injuries, metabolic diseases (e.g., diabetic neuropathy), chemotherapy-induced neuropathies, infections (e.g., post herpatic neuralgia (shingles), HIV), fibromyalgia and other neuropathies." They further add, "The present studies provide a proof-of-concept indicating that compared to the current standards of carethis nutraceutical presents a better alternative."

Unfortunately, more than 20 million people in the United States alone cope with circumstances that affect normal nerve function.

Neurofencine[TM]therefore, by providing increased dietary G-agmatine® supplementation, has wide implications for multitude of people worldwide whose need for a dietary supplement affording nerve resilience and pain-free nerve functions remained unmet until now.

Neurofencine[TM]is manufactured in the USA under the highest quality standards and regulations and is available exclusively from Gilad&Gilad. It is presently, being sold direct to consumers online, to practicing health professionals,to health stores and to regional distributers. Further information and special launch discounts can be found on the Company's website: http://www.fornervehealth.com. For wholesale offers to practicing health professionals and retailers please call (toll free): 1-888-484-4523.

About Gilad&Gilad

Gilad&Gilad LLC is a privately owned USA company in Reseda (Los Angeles), California, with a mission to providing safer and more effective products of superior quality for healthier and resilient nervous system functions for a better quality of life. It was founded in 2000 by Dr. Gad Gilad and Varda Gilad following years of collaborative scientific research and based on their breakthrough discovery of the neuroprotective properties of G-agmatine®. The Company builds its reputation on continuous investment in solid scientific research and sound clinical studies, thus earning the trust of health care professionals and gaining credibility with the public. For further information about Gilad&Gilad please visit www.ForNerveHealth.com.

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