Givaudan Flavours Introduces TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness

VERNIER, Switzerland, April 8, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Givaudan Flavours has introduced TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness, in concert with the ever- growing consumer demand for more healthful products. Active, busy lifestyles have driven consumer desire for physical and mental wellness, and obesity has created major health concerns. The TasteSolutions(TM) program enables food and beverage manufacturers to launch products that both contribute to healthier lifestyles and taste great, while offering the benefits of being nutritionally fortified or reduced in sugar, salt, or calories.

While food and beverage manufacturers are responding to the importance of health and wellness, they face substantial product development challenges. The TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness program provides essential ingredients, such as maskers, modifiers, and enhancers, along with the experience and knowledge to utilise this portfolio of unique ingredients in customised ways to deliver the great taste consumers expect. Expertise in product formulation, sensory science, ingredient development and regulatory affairs, along with the world's largest group of flavour scientists are key components of the TasteSolutions(TM) program.

"Givaudan understands that Health and Wellness is more than just a trend. Consumers are changing their diets in fundamental ways, and over time, products that contribute to healthier lifestyles will simply become mainstream," said Mike Davis, president of Givaudan Flavours. "TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness emphasizes Givaudan's technologies and capabilities in overcoming the taste challenges often associated with healthful products."

A focus on taste receptor research, that began more than 15 years ago, demonstrates Givaudan's long-standing interest in understanding the science of taste as a means to develop knowledge and technology. The foundation of this research has led to discovery of novel ingredients that can modify common negative taste attributes that often occur when formulating healthful foods and beverages. Givaudan has put an emphasis on the discovery of natural ingredients that have proven acceptance with consumers. These ingredients have become essential components of the TasteSolutions(TM) for Health & Wellness program.

Partnerships with the Monell Chemical Senses Institute, the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke, and the Institute of Food Chemistry at the University of Muenster, broaden Givaudan's internal knowledge and research efforts. "Our collaboration with distinguished research partners provides capabilities that are unmatched in our industry," said Bob Eilerman, head of Givaudan Flavours, Research and Development. This technology foundation, combined with Givaudan's creativity in concept and flavour design, helps overcome taste challenges associated with fortified or functional foods and beverages, and with systems reduced in sugar, salt and fat.

About Givaudan

Givaudan is a world leader in the flavours and fragrances industry. It has its own operations in 40 countries worldwide, and is represented in 70 more. In 2004, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 2.68 billion and counted over 5,900 employees. Givaudan leads the world flavour industry and specializes in solving flavour-related technical problems.

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