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Global Food Supplement sector hold their Annual Meeting

12 February 2010 - IADSA will hold its Annual Meeting on Wednesday 24 February in Istanbul, bringing together representatives of the world's US$80billion food supplement sector. The Turkish food supplement association, BesDesDer, is hosting the meeting.

With leading officials from the government and representatives from the scientific community in Turkey, internationally leading scientists and heads of associations from across the globe, the meeting will address trends in scientific and regulatory developments worldwide, including in China, South East Asia, Japan, the European Union, Latin America and the USA.

“Over the years IADSA has grown into a successful alliance of the food supplement sector across the globe. Given the many significant regulatory and policy developments under discussion, it has become even more important for the sector to meet and address best practice and regulatory solutions,” said Byron Johnson, Chairman of IADSA. “Only through this continued dialogue and coordinated action has it been possible to ensure that appropriate regulation is developed which meets the genuine requirements of the industry and the demands of the consumers”.

Istanbul has been chosen as the venue for the 2010 meeting due to its position as the Cultural City of Europe for 2010 and its long tradition of hospitality. In addition, Turkey is for many companies a fascinating market for food supplements with one of the youngest populations in the region.

This meeting comes following the Nutrition Business Journal’s 2009 Efforts on Behalf of the Industry Award, which recognises IADSA’s efforts to bring together the global food supplement industry so as to help create a thriving global dietary supplement market. For more information click here

Since it was originally created in 1998, IADSA has developed into a powerhouse for the sector and now has cooperation programmes with governments ranging from South East Asia to Russia to Latin America.


IADSA has more than doubled in size since its creation in 1998, representing more than 50 national trade associations and over 20,000 companies.

For more information contact David Pineda Ereño, IADSA Director of Regulatory Affairs, 50 Rue de l’Association, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, tel: +32 (0)2 209 1155, fax: +32 (0)2 223 3064, or email [email protected], visit

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