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GMO analytical services of the highest quality will help Brazil to succeed in Non-GM export markets

São Paulo, - GeneScan do Brasil is opening its new analytical service laboratory in São Paulo – Itu (Brazil). This state of the art facility offers detection, identification and quantification of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in agricultural commodities, ingredients for food and feed and in finished food products. The new Brazilian lab facility is of special importance to the international trade and agro-food industry because Brazil is the main supplier of Non-GM soy products to the world food and feed market. Currently, the European Union accounts for 45% of the Brazilian soy products exported annually. As the EU develops even tighter rules for traceability and labeling of GM products, the demand for Non-GM material and for superior GM detection is rising. Other markets important to Brazil, such as China and Japan, also have stringent requirements with regard to GMO control and certification. GeneScan’s technological expertise and superior worldwide reputation in GMO detection will help Brazil assure continued growth in these markets.

GeneScan do Brasil is now open for business after an intense internal validation phase conducted by GeneScan Europe AG that assures the laboratory’s performance at the highest level of quality. This is another important step to complete GeneScan’s presence along the global food supply chain. Currently, the GeneScan Group operates laboratories in Europe (Germany), the USA (New Orleans), and Brazil (São Paulo). A laboratory in Australia (Melbourne), licensed to the New Zealand company AgriQuality, and a subsidiary in Hong Kong comprise this international network. All of these facilities operate on the basis of well-established, internationally recognized and validated methods that are being developed by the German mother company GeneScan Analytics

In order to validate the analytical procedures for qualitative and quantitative PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), GeneScan is cooperating with internationally recognized entities such as the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) and the Codex alimentarius, which has included many of GeneScan’s validated methods in its listing.

GeneScan Services for Traceability and Identity Preservation:
Reliable and worldwide-standardized analytical services, such as those offered by GeneScan, are the basis of sound GM control, but to achieve effective use of analytical results these have to be integrated into industry specific Non-GM control programs. Such programs assure the identity and availability of the specified Non-GM products.

GeneScan has developed a standard for Non-GM control that can be applied to all steps of food and feed supply chains. Based on this standard, GeneScan offers worldwide assistance with the design and implementation of individual control programs, as well as their verification and certification.

These programs can be linked with existing QM systems such as HACCP or ISO 9001, to form complete systems for Non-GM control up to the most comprehensive Identity Preservation program. Independent certification assures transparency to clients, consumers and governmental entities.

Most recently, the GeneScan scheme for Non-GM control was successfully audited and approved by Tesco Stores Ltd. Tesco Stores Ltd. is the major retailer in the United Kingdom and requires their poultry suppliers to purchase certified Non-GM soybean meal. This approval enables GeneScan to certify Identity Preservation programs for the supply of Non-GM soy feed in Tesco’s supply chain. Furthermore, Tesco approved GeneScan’s Brazilian laboratory to carry out the analytical work in support of such Non-GM control programs. This approval demonstrates the high relevance of GeneScan’s services to the international agro food business. GeneScan’s recognized and reliable Non-GM control and verification services will help the Brazilian agro food industry to further increase its presence in the international Non-GM market and to tighten commercial links to European and Asian markets.

Background information about GeneScan Europe
GeneScan Europe AG (Neuer Markt, symbol GEP, Security No. 586 150) is a system house for applied molecular biology and world market leader in the molecular biological analysis of genetically modified organisms (GMO analysis) in food, feed, and raw materials. In the field of development and production of low to medium density biochips the company is a well-established partner and supplier for research and industry and has a large patent portfolio at its disposal. The GeneScan Group is active in the operative Business Units “AgroFood”, “Diagnostics”, “Science”, and in the service Business Units “Basic Technology”, and “Production/Logistics”. GeneScan Europe AG consists of a global network of currently eight specialized and synergistically linked subsidiaries on four different continents. The GeneScan Group adheres to the ethical principles for genetic engineering elaborated by the German Industrial Association for Biotechnology (DIB).

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