GNC Launches Program to Ensure Consumers Make Informed Choices About Nutritional Supplements

Unveils ID Policy, Bill of Rights Based on the Consumers
Right to Know and Choose

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- General Nutrition Centers (GNC), the
nation's leading retailer of nutritional supplements, announced today a broad
range of initiatives designed to ensure consumers make informed choices about
the appropriate use of nutritional supplements. The initiatives include a
nationwide ID policy for products intended for adults 18 and over, a review of
GNC labeling practices, and the introduction of a GNC Nutritional Supplements
Bill of Rights for consumers.
"Nutritional supplements play an important health management role for
millions of Americans," said Michael K. Meyers, president and CEO of GNC,
which operates 5,300 retail outlets worldwide. "These industry-leading
efforts underscore our commitment to educating customers about nutritional
supplements and providing them with the best nutritional products."
The initiatives are anchored on a new GNC Nutritional Supplement Bill of
Rights, which ensures consumers clear and understandable information about GNC
nutritional supplements. The GNC Nutritional Supplement Bill of Rights
encourages customers to learn more about the products they choose, including
usage directions and product warnings, and reinforces GNC's commitment to
providing the information consumers need in order to make informed choices.
The GNC Nutritional Supplement Bill of Rights, which will be posted in all GNC
stores, proclaims:

1. The customer has the right to know and understand the ingredients,
usage guidelines (dosage and duration), and product potency of any GNC
Nutritional Supplement prior to making a purchase.

2. The customer has the right to know about the benefits and potential
side effects associated with any GNC nutritional supplement.

3. The customer has the right to simple, easy to understand, and
consistent product labeling and language on any GNC nutritional

4. The customer has the right to know and understand how to obtain
equivalent nutrient intake (as compared to use of GNC nutritional
supplements) through diet.

5. The customer has the right to obtain additional product and ingredient
information, in a timely manner, for any GNC nutritional supplement.

6. The customer has the right to the highest quality nutritional
supplements and fair prices.

As part of this initiative, GNC sales associates will ID purchasers who
appear to be under 18 years old for products intended only for use by adults.
Through the GNC Smart Label program, GNC will review its current labeling
practices to ensure that they provide clear, understandable, consumer-friendly
information. GNC will use customer research and work with nutritional experts
in this effort.
Consistent with the GNC Nutritional Supplement Bill of Rights, GNC will
also institute Better Knowledge, Better Health, a company-wide program to
provide consumers more information about appropriate use of nutritional
supplements. This will include in-store displays and access to additional
information through the GNC website and in-store kiosks.
"We have listened to our customers," Meyers said. "We will continue to
deliver on our longstanding promise to provide the information they need to
make informed choices about what's right for them."
Meyers said the GNC Nutritional Supplement Bill of Rights will be
available to consumers immediately through . In-store
signage and the ID policy will take effect in early 2003, following training
of sales associates and distribution to stores of ID policy materials.
These initiatives complement a comprehensive, $20 million redesign of
GNC's 4,200 company-owned stores in the United States. Meyers said the
redesign creates a more informative and user-friendly atmosphere for

General Nutrition Corporation (GNC), based in Pittsburgh, PA, is the
largest nation-wide specialty retailer of vitamin, mineral and herbal
supplements, sports nutrition as well as many personal care and related
products. GNC operates more than 5,300 retail outlets throughout the United
States, including 1,360 domestic franchise locations, and 26 foreign markets
including Canada and Mexico. GNC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Numico
N.V., a world-wide market leader in specialized nutrition that includes infant
and clinical nutrition and nutritional supplements. Headquartered in
Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, Royal Numico's operations include manufacturing
facilities in more than 50 countries and research facilities in the
Netherlands, Germany, the UK, China, Australia and the USA. For additional
information, visit and .

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