Hair Grow Technology Introduces Product for Hair Loss

January 16, 2006 - Hair Grow Technology Inc. of Brooks, Alberta, Canada announces the introduction of its new product Bio-Fen Plus™. This exciting new natural health product is used in the treatment of male and female pattern baldness.

President Gerry Freundl said “Our new product Bio-Fen Plus provides a naturally sourced, safer alternative to expensive drugs and hair transplants. It is an oral product you can take at home, without a prescription.” He added: “Bio-Fen Plus is the product of our ongoing research into herbal combinations that support hormone balance, to prevent or slow down the rate of hair loss. Our formulation is designed to treat hereditary androgenic alopecia.” AGA refers to a genetic predisposition to a receding hairline (most common in men) or hair/follicle thinning over larger areas of scalp (more common in women).

Bio-Fen Plus contains a blend of extracts of fenugreek seeds, saw palmetto berries, and flax lignans. Each contains an inhibitor of the enzyme responsible for causing male or female pattern baldness. The formulation also contains a mixture of B vitamins, folate, and biotin to increase bio-availability and help metabolize these herbal extracts, and to support the growth of strong and healthy hair.

Asked about safety of the product, Mr. Freundl said it is manufactured in Western Canada by a Health Canada-inspected and -approved facility to quality assurance specifications (Good Manufacturing Practice.) This ensures that ingredients are tested for their level of quality, potency, and purity prior to production and again prior to sale. It is submitted for licensing as a natural health product by Health Canada, and has a patent pending. Bio-Fen Plus is available in pharmacies and natural health stores throughout North America, and though the company’s website.

Distributors, brokers and retailers can find more information available at the website: or by calling 1-866- 424-7745.

For further information contact Gerry Freundl at (403) 363-0003 or e-mail to

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