Health Benefits of Cargill’s Barley Beta-Glucan To Be Presented at the 'Future of Barley' Meeting

MINNEAPOLIS – Researchers from the United States, Australia, Denmark, Canada and Norway will discuss the health benefits of Cargill’s barley beta-glucan concentrate at the Future of Barley workshop, May 17, at the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. This workshop is an important precursor to Whole Grains Health: A Global Summit, May 18-20, organized by the University of Minnesota. The conference brings together scientists, educators, industry and regulators to examine the latest scientific data on whole grains and health.

Joel J. Pins, director of the Hypertension and Cholesterol Research Clinic at the University of Minnesota Medical School, will present results of an important clinical study on Cargill’s barley beta-glucan concentrate during the workshop. Cargill is co-sponsoring the workshop as part of its Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives initiative.

Cargill’s barley beta-glucan product is a concentrated soluble fiber derived from barley and has been the subject of several studies. Cargill’s barley beta-glucan concentrate, when consumed as part of a heart healthy diet, confers cholesterol-lowering properties similar to oats. The clinical data also suggest benefits beyond cholesterol reduction, including improved glycemic control, particularly among individuals with metabolic syndrome.
“There is growing evidence of barley’s health benefits,” said Jim Kappas, director of international and emerging products for Cargill Health & Food Technologies. “Through this one-day workshop, we will share exactly where we are with the science, with barley’s current place within the consumer market, and barley’s exciting future potential.”

Cargill is accelerating its development of new health-promoting ingredients and ingredient systems to help food and beverage manufacturers introduce consumer products that meet the dietary and nutritional recommendations included in the U.S. government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005. The Guidelines also provide specific advice to help consumers manage weight, reduce cholesterol and increase fiber intake.


Cargill Health & Food Technologies (H&FT), based in Minneapolis, is a leading developer, processor and marketer of science-based, healthy ingredients for food and dietary supplements worldwide. Cargill H&FT is part of Cargill’s Food System Design initiative in which Cargill businesses work with customers to produce ingredient solutions for affordable, nutritious, convenient and appetizing consumer products. Cargill H&FT is a business unit of Cargill, an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. With 105,000 employees in 59 countries, the company is committed to using its knowledge and experience to collaborate with customers to help them succeed. For more information, visit or

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