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Health from the Sun(R)’s newest line gets a FIVE STAR RATING - Full line of Pure Fish Oils offered in Fish Gelatin Capsules

Bedford, MA - February, 2005 - Health from the Sun®, a division of Arkopharma, is the first company to introduce this innovative, new line of superior formulations of pure Omega 3s in the family of products called, appropriately, Health From the Sea™ Pure Fish Oils. Each product in this comprehensive line of 12 is made from pure fish body oils from deep sea cold-water fish, which are molecularly distilled, and meticulously flavored with juicy natural orange oil. But Health from the Sea™ takes the technology a step beyond, adding even more innovation.

Health from the Sea™ is the FIRST in the United States to offer the added advantage of being in unique fish gelatin capsules (not beef or pork), thereby setting a new, higher standard in the category. Their comprehensive line of value-added products offers numerous health benefits and superior formulations that earn a “five-star” rating of excellence, and makes it Beyond the Sea…

The outstanding quality in each of the 12 products in the Health From the Sea line makes it easy to “Get Hooked” on them… Taste, freshness, quality and purity are all delivered, each and every time. This means that everyone reaps the fullest health benefits offered by the omega-rich Fish oils derived from a variety of fish from deep sea cold waters. Pure fish Oil provides daily omega 3 needs in a heart-healthy, naturally balanced blend of omega-3 EPA and Omega-3 DHA, with a juicy natural orange flavor!

1. The most advanced formulations: NO ONE ELSE offers this specific combination of superior components: the purest fish oils with a unique concentration/ratio of EPA to DHA, plus the tasty addition of juicy natural orange oil, all encased in the ONLY fish gelatin capsules on the market today!

These fish softgels offer quality superior to any others on the market today: they are crystal clear, with no yellow tinge as with other softgels (which are made from beef or pork). They are also very clean, pure, and there is absolutely NO odor.

2. The best efficacy: Health from the Sea™ ensures that each and every bottle of their products delivers a potent combination of nutrients: natural triglycerides, enzymes, lipase, phytosterols, garlic, etc.

3. The highest quality: Health from the Sea™ goes the extra steps here: ALL of their products are third party tested for potency, purity, and contaminants, thereby offering proof positive and guaranteeing the quality promised on each bottle.

4. The largest selection of formulas: 12 varieties: offering more ways than any other natural health company on the market today to help promote brain health and heart health: PFO™ (Pure Fish Oil) in fish softgels, 2 sizes, 90s & 180s, * PFO, 8 fluid ounces, * Super Potent PFO Plus Garlic, 60 softgels, enteric coated, * Highly Potent PFO Plus Phytosterols, 60 softgels, * PFO (Pure Fish Oil) Plus Phystosterols, 4 fluid ounces, *PFO Plus Lipase, 90 fish softgels, * Ultra Potent DHA, 2 fluid ounces, * Highly Potent PFO Plus Lipase, 60 fish softgels, * Ultra Potent EPA Plus Lipase, 30 fish softgels, * Ultra Potent DHA Plus Lipase, 60 fish softgels, and * A+ Kids for children, 4 fluid ounces.

5. The greatest value: dollar for dollar, Health from the Sea™ delivers top value in every bottle they offer. This is easily proven, to which any comparison shopper will attest.

More innovation from Arkopharma®/Health From The Sun®: Beyond the Sea
For more than 25 years, Health From The Sun has been the Leader in Essential Fatty Acid Nutrition, offering EFA oils in over 50 varieties and sizes, more than 3 times any other company on the market today! Ever since they formed in 1979, they were first to market with 9 landmark product introductions. So it is not surprising that they are the very first to introduce to the United States the use of fish gelatin capsules to embody the exceptionally high quality oils within, appropriately called Health From The Sea®. This kind of innovation continues their reputation as setting new and ever-higher industry standards. Plus, ever since the 1999 acquisition of Health from the Sun® by Arkopharma® , we can expect further nutritional advances as the natural next steps in their evolution and growth. Arkopharma® is the #1 seller of herbal medicine in Europe, and the #1 seller of Essential Fatty Acids in France. Their more than 500 products (which are registered for safety & efficacy with the French & European Health Authorities) are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. Health conscious people everywhere have their eyes on this company as Arkopharma®/Health from the Sun® ventures forth “Beyond the Sea.”

For further information, contact Health From the Sun/Arkopharma at 800-447-2249 and visit them at or

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