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HealthFocus International’s 2005 Trend Report Shows Consumers are Redefining Health

St. Petersburg, Florida, August 2, 2005 ---HealthFocus International released their long awaited biannual report entitled The 2005 HealthFocus Trend Report: National Study of Public Attitudes and Actions Toward Shopping and Eating. According to the newly released study, marketers and advertisers may want to rethink the way they are currently marketing their products to consumers.

“Many of the trends concerning health and wellness that have evolved over the last 16 years or emerged in recent years are converging today to reshape how consumers think about their health and the healthy choices they make for themselves and for their families,” stated Linda Gilbert, President of HealthFocus International. “This is a critical time for brands and companies to consider their strategies and how they align to where shoppers are headed in their thinking and behavior toward health.”

The 2005 HealthFocus Trend Report is the culmination of sixteen years worth of trend data and is the leading comprehensive source of consumer data and marketing insights to help companies and trade organizations worldwide identify current and future consumer behaviors toward health, diet, nutrition, buying habits, and perceptions.

“Not only are consumers redefining what ‘being healthy” means, but they are also rethinking how they determine whether a product is healthy and how they approach changes to their diets and lifestyles,” added Linda Gilbert.

Aside from the wealth of information about shoppers today, past and future waves of this research show how attitudes, expectations, and behavior evolve over time. It also helps marketers understand:

- Where shoppers are and where they are headed in their thinking and behavior toward health and nutrition choices.

- Why their priorities toward health and nutrition issues are changing.

- How to define their consumer target and speak to their target in the most meaningful and compelling way.

The study is conducted in the United States, as well as 30 countries in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific. For more information or to purchase the Trend Report, please contact Julie Johnson, Marketing Manager at 727-821-7499, [email protected]. Or, order online at

HealthFocus International® is a consumer marketing research and consulting firm specializing in consumer health & nutrition trends. With 20 years of experience working with the most successful food, beverage and supplement brand marketers and business leaders, HealthFocus International is an authoritative resource for companies who need to understand consumer attitudes and behavior toward health and nutrition choices.

The HealthFocus Trend Survey is the longest running health and nutrition trend survey conducted in the USA. It identifies current issues for consumers with respect to health and nutrition, tracks changes in these priorities, and provides direction on where consumers are headed in their thinking about health and nutrition choices. More information is available at

Julie Johnson, Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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