Helios Rising Announces New Ingredient

Helios Rising/Summit launched TransportC-PLUSTM at the recent IFT show in Anaheim-June 2009. The reception was extraordinary as multiple science teams came by to discuss our new, high absorption Vitamin C , our in vitro studies as well as the 2008 Vanderbilt study.

NOW Foods launched their recent AlphaSorb-C using this advanced ingredient and now several Beverage companies are looking at the benefits of TransportC-PLUS in their juice applications.

Our technology is simple; we increased the transport and absorption of Vitamin C in the cells and over a longer period of time. We do this through the unique, "patented" combination of Vitamin C, a unique, patented, Buffered Calcium Ascorbate, and a unique version of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

The data is clear and undeniable. The increase in Vitamin C absorption, over time, utilizing Transport C-PLUS does exceed absorption rates of Vitamin C by a significant amount. You will not find this combination, in a patented form , that performs better than TransportC-PLUS. "The Next Generation Vitamin C". Unique science for unique times.

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