Herbatint Shines as Better Nutrition's Best Beauty Product 2009

Bioforce USA has announced that its signature natural hair color brand, Herbatint, was named as Best of Beauty Top 10 for 2009.

The Better Nutrition editorial staff, along with input from Natural Products Retailers, tried a plethora of products in the natural body care category. On page 34 of Better Nutrition’s April issue, Herbatint permanent hair color gel was presented to consumers as a line that “uses nontoxic herb extracts and plant proteins that import luxurious color.”

Says Eileen Sheets, managing director of Bioforce USA, which has stewarded this nearly 35-year-old Italian brand, “We couldn’t have described it better than Better Nutrition’s editors. We feel retailers need to know about this honor, as many women may be requesting the line. This, plus the fact that an increasing number of women are “doing it themselves” versus spending a lot of money getting their hair colored professionally makes carrying and promoting Herbatint a winning opportunity to attract more loyal consumers in the stores.”

Herbatint is available in 36 hues suitable for women – and men – of all complexions seeking a hair shade that matches what they were born with to the more youthful and funky Flash Fashion tints for more experimental folks. Herbatint offers a unique opportunity for a free color consultation with master colorist Marie Therese Dufour. Marie has many years experience helping customers choose the best color for themselves. Her toll free phone number is displayed prominently on Herbatint packaging and marketing materials. Her expertise takes the guesswork out of coloring your own hair. By offering customers the Herbatint line, retailers offer their customers professional color help and the expertise of a long established color line.

Herbatint is available for retailers for the shelves or in a majestic, eye-catching display measuring 12’ x 12’ to hold 96 boxes.

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