High Octane Energy Chews now in orange at Rite Aid

New great-tasting orange High Octane Energy Chews at Rite Aid. High Octane Energy Chews are now available online by the box.

Now in Orange and Grape! Packed with the power of an energy drink, each High Octane Energy Chew provides the heavy duty fuel your body demands at a fraction of the price of shots. Get grape at CVS Pharmacy for just $1.99 for a packet of 3 chews. And now, find the new great-tasting orange High Octane Energy Chews at Rite Aid.

High Octane Energy Chews are now available online by the box. Twelve packets per box. And as always, 3 chews per packet. With each energy chew having the power of one energy shot, 3 chews in each bag gave the crew 3 times the energy for the price of 1 shot. With the power of B Vitamins, Siberian Ginseng, & Amino Acids, High Octane Energy Chews provide explosive energy that lasts.

High Octane Energy Chews represent a power-packed, thoughtful formulation with, in true To Go Brands fashion, a healthy energy chews slant. Instead of high fructose corn syrup, they’ve used brown rice syrup. Instead of sugar, they’ve used Organic evaporated cane juice, to make it a more organic energy chew. And instead of artificial flavors and colors, they’ve used all-natural. To Go Brands is also the makers of Acai Natural Energy Boost Chews, an antioxidant rich energy chew that boasts the antioxidants of 1 serving of fruit.

Natural is great, but clearly not the point with this product. Rock your socks off energy and the tattoo-esque packaging screams “hot” in this energy driven, “Tattoo Era”. High Octane Energy Chews packs in B Vitamins, Siberian Ginseng, Amino Acids, and delivers you enough caffeine to fuel an all-nighter or rocket through whatever it is that you love to do!

If you like FRS Energy Chews, LiveWire Energy Chews, Sharkies Fruit Chews, or energy gum, you will LOVE the High Octane Energy rush. It has the buzz to keep you coming back for more.

About High Octane Energy Chews

Being under the umbrella of To Go Brands, Inc. that is committed to creating high-quality, all-natural, great-tasting and easy-to-use products for those striving to remain healthy in today’s fast paced society, High Octane Energy Chews has already gained immense popularity even before its launching. To help people get instant energy High Octane Energy Chews developed the Energy Chews filled with natural energy that is not only absolutely safe for all age group but also safe for all fitness freaks. Learn more about this Energy Chews at : http://www.HighOctaneEnergy.com

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