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Himalaya's Liv.52 - LiverCare - One of 13 Herbal Formulas Included in the ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs

HOUSTON--June 24, 2003--Himalaya USA today announced the inclusion of its proprietary herbal formulation Liv.52(R)(LiverCare(R)) in the recently released The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs, published by the American Botanical Council (ABC). Liv.52 (LiverCare) is one of 13 proprietary herbal formulas included in the publication's Clinical Studies/Proprietary Herbal Product Monograph section. A Liv.52 (LiverCare) monograph and six of the more than 300 published clinical trials on Liv.52 are summarized and referenced in this section.

According to ABC, the information included in the Guide on Liv.52 (LiverCare) and the other 12 formulas are presented as "an acknowledgement of the extent of clinical studies associated with the respective product."

In addressing the mention of Liv.52 (LiverCare), Himalaya USA President and CEO Philip A. Duterme, Ph.D., stated, "We commend Mark Blumenthal and the American Botanical Council for developing a truly superb piece that educates healthcare professionals and consumers about the scientific evidence, safety, efficacy and medicinal benefits of herbs and specific proprietary herbal preparations. This guide is an invaluable reference tool in promoting herbal medicine based on scientific evidence and in silencing its critics. Himalaya is pleased and honored to see Liv.52's inclusion in this informative publication."

Liv.52 (LiverCare), is a proprietary, multi-herbal formula clinically proven safe and effective in protecting the liver and maintaining optimum liver function. First introduced in 1955 by The Himalaya Drug Company, Liv.52 (LiverCare) is a blend of several botanicals proven to protect the liver against harmful toxins found in food, water and air. It also protects the liver against possible damage caused by hepatotoxic medications.

More than 300 clinical studies, many of them double-blind, placebo-controlled, have been conducted on LiverCare since its introduction more than 47 years ago. Since then, it has become one of the most widely sold medications in the world with more than two billion tablets produced annually.

Himalaya USA is the North American distributor of The Himalaya Drug Company. The Himalaya Drug Company has been manufacturing pharmaceutical grade herbal products since 1930. Himalaya products combine the rich value of an old system of natural medicine with all the processes of modern pharmaceutical technology including scientific assessment of efficacy through primary clinical research, Good Manufacturing Practices and quality controls using sophisticated chromatographic "fingerprinting" techniques. All Himalaya products contain medicinal herbs grown by the Himalaya Drug Company. For more information, please visit our Web site at

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