Homeopathic Pain Relief Product Traumeel Now Offers Combined Relief

Homeopathic Pain Relief Product Traumeel Now Offers Combined Relief

Traumeel® now offers a convenient combo pack: Traumeel® ointment, 50 gram, and Traumeel® tablets, 100 count.

Retailers top-selling forms of Traumeel® now come together in a convenient combo pack. Traumeel® ointment, 50 gram, and Traumeel® tablets, 100 count, come together to offer retailers two safe natural pain relief therapies in one box. “By putting both products together in one box, we make it easier for consumers to get better pain relief without painful side effects,” said Cliff Clive, CEO, Heel Inc.

The ointment is applied topically, directly to the site of minor joint, back and muscle pain while the tablets are dissolved under the tongue to provide overall relief from minor joint, back and muscle pain.

The Traumeel® combo pack was unveiled Friday, March 9, at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim , CA,  touted to be the largest gathering of natural product manufacturers in the United States.

The new Traumeel® combo pack offers convenience and is safe to use for more than 10 days. Athletes like Greta Murphy, a Boston Marathon charity runner say “Traumeel® is great because I have no worries about using it while preparing for the Boston Marathon coming up on April 16th. I have been training for six months, and I love that it’s safe for long term use. It helps me manage recovering from daily workouts and I will count on it when training for all my future races.” Fans will like the new price too. With both the ointment and tablets combined, it can be purchased for 25% lower than the items sold separately. Users everywhere like that the ointment is odorless, non-greasy, and safe to use for the whole family…infants to the elderly. 

Heel is a science-based pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and distributes medicines based on natural substances. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, the company is a pioneer in the field of science-based homeopathic research on natural medicine and a global leader for the production of homeopathic, combination medications. With the help of its unique therapeutic concept based on Bioregulatory Medicine, Heel is working to build the bridge between conventional medicine and homeopathy. Heel medicines are available through physicians and licensed health care practitioners, independent pharmacies, retailers  and fine natural product stores throughout the United States. For more information on other Heel products and their use please visit www.heelusa.com

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