HP Ingredients’ Scientific Poster Presentation Wins First Place

NNFA Awards PARACTIN® manufacturer with distinction of excellence in first scientific poster contest at annual convention

BRADENTON, FL – The first place honor for best scientific poster presentation at the 68th annual NNFA Natural Products Convention and Tradeshow held in Las Vegas in mid-July was bestowed upon HP Ingredients, Bradenton, FL, for its original clinical research performed on its anti-inflammatory compound, PARACTIN®.

“With the relatively recent withdrawal of the pharmaceutical COX-2 inhibitors used to treat arthritis and acute pain, the potential for an effective natural alternative to fill the void has been in great demand,” says Annie Eng, president of HP Ingredients. “At HP Ingredients, we are committed to improving human health worldwide by offering natural and safe alternative to the current pharmaceutical products. We are pleased to have received this recognition for the innovation and quality of our scientific research demonstrating the efficacy of PARACTIN®. We applaud the NNFA’s decision to continue to host poster presentations at its venerable convention. We feel this provides retailers with the access for further education about scientific research so they may confer not only the knowledge to their customers, but the confidence that these nutraceuticals are well studied and researched in a qualitative manner similar to pharmaceutical products.”

The poster presentation entitled, “PARACTIN® exerts anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-B), reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines such as Interferon gamma, Interleukin-2, and reducing COX-2” explains the mechanism of action for PARACTIN® as an anti-inflammatory ingredient at the cellular level. “Researchers now recognize inflammation as key components to many acute and chronic diseases. Emerging research has shown Nuclear Factor kappa B (NF-kB) to hold the key to many inflammatory related diseases as they regulate our immune system and inflammatory response.” Explain Dr. Juan Hancke, key researcher for PARACTIN®.

PARACTIN® is a patented blend of Andrographolide, 14-deoxyandrographolide, and neoandrographolide, which has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting NF-B. The scientific poster was a combination of two published research: (a) "PARACTIN® interferes DNA binding of NF-kB in HL-60/Neutrophils cells" was published in British Journal of Pharmacology (2005) 144, 680-686, and (b) "PARACTIN® inhibits IFN gamma and IL-2 cytokines production and protects against cell apoptosis" was published in Planta Biochemistry Molecular Biology March 3rd, 2005. To obtain a copy of the scientific poster, please contact Annie Eng at (866) 330-4372 Ext. 2, or please visit http://www.herbal-powers.com/paexanefbyin.html.

Dr Juan Hancke receiving 1st place for his research on Paractin

Annie Eng
(941) 761-0790

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