Influence of short-term antioxidant supplementation on macular function in age-related maculopathy: a pilot study including electrophysiologic assessment.

Source: Ophthalmology 2003 Jan;110(1):51-60; discussion 61

A recently reported study of 30 patients with early age-related macularopathy showed that for a treatment group (antioxidant supplementation with lutein, 15 mg; vitamin E, 20 mg; and nicotinamide, 18 mg, daily for 180 days with part of the group receiving oral supplementation for an additional 180 days), results suggest that increasing the level of retinal antioxidants might influence macular function early in the disease process, as well as in normal aging.

Falsini B, Piccardi M, Iarossi G, Fadda A, Merendino E, Valentini P.

Istituto di Oftalmologia, Universita Cattolica del S. Cuore, Rome, Italy.

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