Ingredient industry signposts: hints of things to come

Setting priorities
"Human life is more important than shelf life. Food scientists are capable of creating products that are free of trans fats and still have shelf life."

— Walter Willett, Harvard School of Public Health, at the 2007 IFT conference

Terminology shift?
"We're getting older and fatter.?Obesity is the cross point to multiple disease conditions.? In the next 10 years, I predict we won't use the term 'wellness' anymore, we'll use 'live longer' as a basis for how we market products."

— Chor San Khoo, vice president of global nutrition and health, Campbell Soup Company to

A bulletproof issue
"The issue of food advertising to children will become a signature issue in this Congress, and pressure on large food companies to substantially change their advertising to children is expected."

— Loren Israelsen,executive director of the Utah Natural Products Alliance

Another case for natural
"A mix of additives commonly found in children's foods [sodium benzoate and colours] increases the mean level of hyperactivity. The finding lends strong support for the case that food additives exacerbate hyperactive behaviors (inattention, impulsivity and overactivity) at least into middle childhood."?

— 'Food additives and hyperactive behaviour in 3 and 8/9 year old children in the community:' Donna McCann, et al. Published in The Lancet.

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