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Ingredients by Nature gets GMP registration

Ingredients by Nature gets GMP registration
CEO says escalating media and consumer scrutiny of products, including manufacturers of ingredients of origin, necessitate NSF International's GMP Registration.

After months of consistent hard work and due diligence, Ingredients by Nature, a leading manufacturer of citrus bioflavonoids and toll services, has received GMP Registration from NSF International, after successfully completing a rigorous Good Manufacturing Practices audit at its facilities.

"Escalating media and consumer scrutiny on our industry's products, including manufacturers of the ingredients of origin, necessitate such standards of quality as NSF International's GMP Registration," says Robert Brewster, CEO of Ingredients by Nature. "This independent, third-party plant audit verifies our facilities’ compliance with current dietary supplement GMPs. And it clearly reflects our core ethics and responsibility we have always pledged towards our client partners and our consumers."

GMPs for the current NSF International Dietary Supplements Certification Program are included in NSF International American National Standard 173, the only American National Standard for Dietary Supplements.

Ed Wyszumiala, General Manager of the NSF International Dietary Supplements Certification Program says, “When choosing an ingredient manufacturer, it is essential that you select one that is GMP registered. Ingredients by Nature's GMP Registration means that they are in compliance with all of the GMP regulations and are committed to producing high quality products.”

For meeting GMP requirements, Ingredients by Nature is listed on the NSF International website, To ensure continued performance, NSF International will conduct audits in the company's facilities in Montclair, Calif., every six months.

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