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Blueberry Or Cranberry Heaven?
Ocean Spray's Ingredient Technology Group has announced the launch of its new enhanced blueberry Flavoured Fruit Piece (FFP). Containing real blueberry solids, the cranberry-based ingredient offers food manufacturers added value and consumer appeal to product lines, while benefiting from new processing properties.

The FFP is derived from a cranberry, dried and infused with blueberry juice and extract. The FFP tastes and looks like a blueberry but delivers a number of advantages over fresh and dried fruit alternatives. Available all the year round, the ingredient offers a longer shelf life, less colour bleeding and higher processing tolerance than its fresh and dried counterparts. Applications are wide reaching, from breads and bagels to cereals and trail mixes. The range also includes cherry, raspberry, strawberry, orange and peach flavours.

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Oh, Crumbs!
A range of premium cereal clusters and sweet and savoury snack clusters has been developed by Billington's Cereals Research & Development Ltd (BCRD). The company was first established in 1996 to develop the market for sweet biscuit crumb. This crumb soon found wide application in the dairy industry where its resistance to moisture and its numerous colour and flavour variations made it a central part of the move to add value to yoghurts and desserts. BCRD sweet and savoury snack clusters can be produced using a wide variety of core ingredients to achieve many flavours and textures. BCRD snacks are suitable for manufacturers seeking to produce new novel snack products or new variations on existing products.

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New Folate Test
Tecra International's new folate kit provides food manufacturers with a quick and easy method to confirm the level of added folate in raw materials, finished products, process validation and shelf-life studies. During manufacturing, added folate may be inactivated by light, destroyed by heating with acid, or unevenly distributed through the product during blending or spray drying. The potential for loss of added folate or non-uniform blending during processing makes process validation and confirmation of folate content in the final product essential.

There is increasing consumer and regulatory interest in levels of added folate in food products. This is driven by medical evidence that too little folate intake has been linked to defects of the embryonic neural tube during pregnancy, and too much folate may mask vitamin B12 deficiency in the elderly, which could lead to brain damage.

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Cadbury In Its Element With Energy Drink Launch
Venom is the latest energy drink to be launched by Cadburys Schweppes in the US, under the Elements brand name. The Elements Beverage Company is a subsidiary of the Snapple Beverage Company. Snapple describes Venom, which was first launched on America's West Coast at the end of June, as an "energy supplement". Venom contains taurine, yerba mate, bee pollen, Siberian ginseng, guarana, vitamins B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Panthothenic Acid and caffeine. The formulation also utilises a "cooling agent", so consumers "will feel it on the back of their throats right after they drink it".

Firmer Tomatoes By DSM
In November 2001, DSM Food Specialities will launch a new application of its FirmFruit® enzyme system designed to enhance the appearance and consistency of processed tomato pieces in end-product applications. FirmFruit® is a natural pectin methylesterase (PME) enzyme which can be integrated into existing processes to improve the quality and appearance of processed tomato products without affecting the ingredients label.

FirmFruit® acts by demethylating the pectin which occurs naturally in tomatoes to create a strong pectate network with the calcium already present. The gelling characteristics of the pectin are altered from high methylated to low methylated, improving the viscosity and consistency of tomato sauces and tomato pieces.

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Soya Milk Gets Fresh
Alpro, manufacturer of the UK's leading soya range, Provamel, has launched a fresh soya alternative to dairy milk, Soya Fresh. With 350mg calcium per 250ml serving and fortified with vitamins B2, B12, E and D2, Soya Fresh is low in saturated fat and contains 9.3g of soya protein per serving. The product is available in a 500ml screw-top carton, which carries the Family Heart Association logo. The link with the charity is designed to communicate to consumers that Provamel products may help to promote healthy cholesterol levels as part of a healthy balanced diet.

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A Fishy Tale Of Ice Cream
Arthur D. Little (ADL) has created a reduced fat ice cream containing Omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oils.

One of the challenges the ADL team has overcome in making their ice cream with health benefits is sustaining the properties of Omego-3 acids without sacrificing the flavour. As such, Omega-3's cannot be easily added to food products because they are extremely sensitive to heat, light and air — when exposed to these elements they generate an unsavoury fish flavour. The ADL solution was to add the oils to a reduced fat ice cream, using its cold storage properties to reduce oxidation and prevent fish flavour. To ensure the flavour quality of the fish oil ice cream, ADL used a method called Profile Attribute Analysis, which uses an expert panel to provide a complete sensory description of the ice cream. The panel concluded that a vanilla/orange flavour combination worked well to minimize the smell and off flavours associated with fish oil components.

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