International Organic Agriculture Conference Bringing international visitors from India, China, Mexico, Paraguay, Mexico and Columbia to Canada

Guelph, Ontario, CANADA

On January 23rd, the International Organic Agriculture Conference is bringing international visitors from India, China, Mexico, Paraguay, Mexico and Columbia to talk about their work in agriculture and their partner organizations in Canada. This conference will be held in Room UC103 University Centre at Guelph University. Registration begins at 8.00a.m.

The first-ever International day is offered in conjunction with The 22nd Annual Guelph Conference “Organic Goes Mainstream” (

Presenters will discuss topics such as

- Greening the Revolution, Organic Agriculture in Cuba

- How organic agriculture is assisting victims of war and child soldiers in Sierra Leone

- Small cottage industries – taming the water Hyacinth in Niger

- Biotechnology in Costa Rica, blessing or curse?

- Organic and Fair Trade – coffee drinkers can make a difference to small coffee producers in Mexico

- How farmer to farmer exchanges build relationship, and reduce conflict

- Analog Forestry – growing perennial crops on degraded landscapes

- Eco-villages in China

The conference will also showcase the new International Organic Agriculture Policy, produced in collaboration with organizations around the world who want a form of agriculture that eliminates poisons on the ground and provides access to new markets, locally and globally.

This event is hosted by The Canadian Environment Network and The Canadian Organic Growers


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