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Introducing Danone's new Cardivia yogurt With Omega-3

MONTREAL, Jan. 9 /CNW Telbec/ - With Heart Month just around the corner,
there's never been a better time for Canadians to resolve to take care of
their cardiovascular system.

In an ongoing effort to help Canadians maintain good health through
nutritious eating, Danone has created brand new Cardivia yogurt to address the
needs of people who pay particular attention to their heart health. Cardivia
is Canada's only fat free Omega-3 yogurt. With its incredibly creamy texture
and some 60 calories per portion, Cardivia is a delicious way to obtain a
portion of your Omega-3 requirements - daily!


Each container of Danone Cardivia is enriched with 300 mg of marine and
vegetable Omega-3. In fact, Cardivia is Canada's only dairy product that also
contains marine Omega-3s. Both types of Omega-3 offer heart health benefits,
although numerous studies have demonstrated that marine Omega-3s (EPA and DHA)
play a greater role in cardiovascular health.(2,3) It has been found that fish
oils contribute to a more pronounced reduction in cardiovascular disease,(2,3)
and because the fish oil in Cardivia is purified, concentrated and
microencapsulated, its taste and odour are imperceptible.

Omega-3s, members of the polyunsaturated fatty acids family, are
essential to the efficient functioning of the organism, but because the human
body produces them in only minute quantities, the only way to supplement them
is through food.

Omega-3s under study

Research conducted in recent years has demonstrated that Omega-3 fatty
acids play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease
(CVD),(4) one of the three main causes of death in Canada. Studies have shown
that in addition to their anti-inflammatory properties and promotion of "good
cholesterol," Omega-3s reduce the risk of arrhythmia and atherosclerosis and
contribute to lower blood pressure and triglycerides.(5,3,6,7) Interested in
learning more? Please visit the Cardivia Web site at

Danone: the benchmark in functional foods

A year ago, Danone introduced Activia, a yogurt with a unique B.L.(TM)
probiotic culture exclusive to Danone, which contributes to the proper
functioning of the digestive system. Danone is innovating once again with its
launch of Cardivia, the first fat-free yogurt enriched with Omega-3, an
ingredient proven in numerous studies to promote heart health. "In Canada,
Danone ranks ahead of all other yogurt producers, notably because of its many
high quality innovations," stated Laurent Huynh, Vice President of Marketing
at Danone. "It's important for us to maintain this leadership role by offering
consumers yogurts that go beyond traditional nutritional functions and in
doing so play a significant role in the proper functioning of the body's
organisms. The trend towards functional foods began in the 1980s in Japan, and
by taking it further, we've become the undisputed leader in our industry."

"With research now allowing us to live longer lives, finding ways to help
people maintain a high quality of life over many years has become an urgent
priority," added Manon Cormier, Dietician and Director of Danone's Nutrition
Department. "It comes as no surprise that Canadians are very open to the new
generation of functional foods, which offer so many beneficial effects. And
it's a much more appetizing and tasty option than swallowing supplements."

Danone's Cardivia

With no sacrifice to taste, Cardivia is offered in four delicious
flavours: cranberry-raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, and peach-mango. So do
yourself a favour and pamper your heart today. Cardivia is available at
grocery stores across Canada at $4.99 for a package of 8 containers, and $6.49
for a package of 12 containers. Let Cardivia win your heart!

About Groupe Danone

Groupe Danone is a leader in the global food industry. It offers top-
quality products that combine health and enjoyment for the well-being of
consumers. In Canada, Danone is the leading producer of yogurts and holds a
key position in the spring water market. Danone offers, among others, Danone
Fruit Pieces yogurts, Silhouette and Silhouette Mousse fat-free yogurts,
Danone La Crème of Our Yogurts and Danone La Crème of Our Yogurts Mousse,
Danone Creamy, Petit Danimals Fresh Cheese, Petit Danimals Drinkable, as well
as the new Silhouette Smoothie, the new Danimals XL and the new Silhouette
spring water-based beverages.


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