Introducing SierraSil, 'The New Leader in Joint Support'

Vancouver, British Columbia – To support joint health, mobility and flexibility, Sierra Mountain Minerals, Inc. is launching a new line of dietary supplements formulated with SierraSil™, a distinct, naturally-occurring mineral compound comprised of more than 65 minerals only found high in the Sierra Mountains. Unlike many joint support formulas, SierraSil (pat. pending) yields noticeable results in days.

The SierraSil line consists of:

SierraSil Joint Formula and SierraSil Joint Formula Powder promote joint health and mobility.*

SierraSil Joint Plus with Vincaria®, a unique Cat’s claw extract, promotes joint health, mobility, and relief*. Cat’s claw is widely used in South America: Vincaria Cat’s claw is a clinically validated natural immunomodulator shown to enhance joint flexibility.

Because SierraSil, dubbed as nature’s ultimate mineral is a rich, unique blend of minerals, the company is marketing it as an excellent supplement for active men and women of all ages, especially baby boomers, seniors, and athletes.

Sierra Mountain Minerals is supporting the introduction of the SierraSil line with a national advertising program. The company is also committed to and engaged in ongoing clinical research with SierraSil and its formulations. The company plans on introducing new products with nutrients that are synergistic with SierraSil to address a wider range of health challenges.

To order or for more information, including media inquires call 888-888-1464 or visit

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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