Jamieson Laboratories Kicks off National Public Health Campaign

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 29, 2003--Jamieson Laboratories wrapped up a national tour (New York, Miami and Los Angeles) of their Slim Down America 2003 campaign this morning at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The theme of the events was "Start Your New Year Off On A Healthy Foot," part of their healthy weight loss public awareness campaign.

Nearly 80% of American men and women considered overweight, Jamieson Laboratories enlisted the aide of some top health and fitness oriented celebrities and Olympic athletes to offer slow, healthy, balanced weight loss options. Celebrities and athletes including model and actress Daisy Fuentes; Olympic Gold Medal winners Bruce Jenner and Mitch Gaylord; and Olympic medallist figure skater Rosalynn Sumners, all joined Jamieson Laboratories to help them announce a new, healthy weight loss option. Daisy Fuentes, Bruce Jenner and Rosalynn Sumners hosted the events across the country during the month of January promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and slow weight loss program.
With all the celebrating that takes place during the holidays, weight gain is inevitable. That explains why 65% of women have attempted at some point in their lives to lose weight after the holidays and why 49% have made weight loss a part of their New Year's resolutions. The fact remains, however, that the majority of these women give up their weight loss endeavors, without losing a pound -- or even gaining weight. Additionally, 86% of women have tried to lose weight at some point during the year. A new study commissioned by Jamieson Laboratories and conducted by Harris Interactive(R), shows that American women are concerned about their weight, but they are not always successful in their attempts to control it.

"With millions of Americans resolving to lose weight each New Year, many choose a quick fix, crash diet to solve the problem," said Penny Kendall-Reed, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and author of The Naturopathic Diet. "Other research we've conducted shows that these diets fail to promote weight loss, however. As women try to take off unwanted pounds, finding a healthy way to promote weight loss is crucial, and, if you choose to assist that process with a supplement, you must make sure it is free of herbs that may be harmful to the body."

To help address the overweight problem and provide one answer to all the "quick fix" and crash diets that don't work for permanent weight loss, Jamieson Laboratories, a leader in natural health products, has created a supplemental source for dieters that complements a nutritional diet and expedites the weight loss process. Ultra Slim Down(TM) is a new all natural weight loss supplement that helps the body metabolize fat without the aid of dangerous herbs such as Ma Hung and Ephedra that are found in so many other supplements.

Dr. Kendall-Reed continued, "Oftentimes it is necessary to stimulate the weight loss process through herbal supplementation. For those people struggling with weight problems, Ultra Slim Down jump starts weight loss quickly and safely when other methods have maximized their result."

Dr. Kendall-Reed conducted a 10-week study with Ultra Slim Down(TM), a new natural weight loss supplement, and her results showed an average weight loss of 10.2 pounds without following any diet or exercise program. Individuals who took the product, but were also required to do moderate exercise and follow good eating habits, lost an average of 14.5 pounds.

Ultra Slim Down ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce weight by burning fat more effectively and helping eliminate carbohydrates efficiently. It is the combination of ingredients and the way they are taken that provides an effective means for weight loss.

About Jamieson Laboratories:
Established in 1922, Jamieson Laboratories is a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced natural health-care products. The company is a world leader in the vitamin and nutrition industry, exporting to over 30 countries including the USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. More information can be found at www.jamiesonvitamins.com.

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