Jim Healthy introduces SLIMTEVIA™ sweetener

Jim Healthy introduces SLIMTEVIA™ sweetener

The new non-bitter, all-natural sweetener that’s low in calories and blood sugar-safe.

What’s the hardest part about losing weight or getting control of your blood sugar? Giving up the sweets, of course! But now it needn’t be “all-or-nothing!” Jim Healthy, Food Editor of the popular nutrition website, MyHealingKitchen.com, has just introduced a new natural sweetener called SLIMTEVIA that’s ultra-low in calories, is safe for people with diabetes, and tastes (and bakes) exactly like table sugar (sucrose).

Because SLIMTEVIA is three times sweeter than sugar, you only need one-third teaspoon (1.6 calories) to get the same sweetness that a full teaspoon of sugar (16 calories) provides. (Since “sweetness” is a personal preference, some people may use a little more or less SLIMTEVIA to satisfy their sweet spot.)

SLIMTEVIA’s remarkable sweetness comes from a proprietary blend of stevia and natural fruit sugar (pure crystalline fructose). Stevia is the popular, zero-calorie sugar substitute extracted from the sweet leaf plant (Stevia Rebaudiana) and is 45 times sweeter than sugar.

But many consumers are repelled by stevia’s bitter aftertaste. By combining pure fruit sugar with stevia, SLIMTEVIA completely eliminates this bitterness and produces a taste and texture that’s identical to table sugar – but without sugar’s ill effects on weight gain and blood sugar.

SLIMTEVIA is also the perfect replacement for zero-calorie artificial sweeteners (such as NutraSweet, Equal, and AminoSweet) which are made from the controversial chemical aspartame and have been linked to various medical conditions and adverse reactions.

SLIMTEVIA satisfies your natural desire to eat “something sweet,” but without increasing your weight, spiking your blood sugar, or triggering your body’s insulin response. This way, fat already stored in your fat cells can be burned off as energy, instead of adding to the belly fat you’re trying to get rid of.

To learn more please contact: jimhealthy.com


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