John Elway to promote Neptune krill oil

John Elway to promote Neptune krill oil

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources enters into multi-year partnership with the former NFL Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Fame quarterback.

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources has entered into a multi-year partnership with former National Football League Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway.

"I started feeling better soon after taking Neptune Krill Oil (NKO(R)) on a daily basis. The health benefits were so significant, that I wanted to be a part of their success in the omega-3 market worldwide," Elway said.

"In his amazing 16 year career, which included two Super Bowl Championships, a Super Bowl MVP, an NFL MVP award, and nine NFL Pro Bowls, John Elway is easily one of the most recognizable and successful athletes of all time," said Andre Godin, CFO.

Elway retired in 1999 and statistically was the second most prolific passer in NFL history. He is currently Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos in addition to being part owner of four successful Elway's Restaurants and the same number of automobile dealerships bearing his name.

''This is an exceptional day for our company and we could not be more pleased to partner with one of the best professional football players to ever play the game," said Henri Harland, CEO and President. ''Neptune strives to be the best at every level to ensure that we generate the highest level of value creation for our shareholders. The addition of John Elway to our team is consistent with that philosophy,'' he added.

About Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc.
Neptune is an industry-recognized leader in the innovation, production and formulation of science-based and clinically proven novel phospholipid products for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets. The Company focuses on growing consumer health markets including cardiovascular, inflammatory and neurological diseases driven by consumers taking a more proactive approach to managing health and preventing disease. The Company sponsors clinical trials aimed to demonstrate its product health benefits and to obtain regulatory approval for label health claims. Neptune is continuously expanding its intellectual property portfolio as well as clinical studies and regulatory approvals. Neptune's products are marketed and distributed in over 30 countries worldwide.


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