Joint Juice Launches Online Joint Assessment Tool

Renowned orthopaedic surgeon and founder of Joint Juice®, a leading joint health beverage company, Kevin R. Stone, M.D., has developed the first comprehensive Joint Health Assessment. Launching today, individuals will now be able to log onto Joint for an illustrative assessment that determines the condition of their joints based on a series of 15 questions regarding Body Mass Index (BMI), diet, exercise, lifestyle and joint health history. The Joint Health Assessment also features joint health tips from Dr. Kevin R. Stone, M.D. and fitness tips from celebrity ultramarathoner and long-time Joint Juice advocate Dean Karnazes.

The Joint Doctor Is In—With the population of Baby Boomers at over 75 million, obesity at an all time high, and initial signs of Osteoarthritis often symptom free, Dr. Stone, former physician for the U.S. Ski Team, saw an opportunity to educate individuals about important factors that impact joint health and to provide expert insight that can empower individuals to improve their joint health so they can continue doing the activities that they love to do throughout their life.

“An active lifestyle begins with healthy joints and there are several simple steps individuals can take to keep their joints young — such as weight loss, regular exercise or taking crucial vitamins and minerals, including glucosamine and chrondroitin,” says Dr. Stone. “The Joint Health Assessment provides an easy tool for individuals to evaluate their joint health and take proactive steps to improve it.

Tips From A Joint Pro—Proud owner of some of the world’s hardest working joints, celebrity ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes provides helpful fitness tips throughout the Joint Health Assessment. A champion of the endurance running world, Karnazes’ extreme athletic career highlights include accomplishing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. “I’m committed to taking the necessary steps to keep my joints healthy so I can keep moving, whether it’s going to a yoga class or running up to 50 miles in a day,” notes Karnazes. “According to the Assessment, my joint health is ‘excellent’; The Joint Health Assessment not only provided details about what I need to do to keep my joints young, but allows me to pass on the exercise tips I’ve learned to stay active and avoid injury.”

For more information regarding Joint Juice® or to take the Joint Health Assessment, visit

About Joint Juice®

Joint Juice®, Inc. is a San Francisco-based Company that manufactures Joint Health beverage products including, JOINT JUICE® Supplement Drink, JOINT JUICE® Drink Mix and JOINT JUICE® Performance Water. JOINT JUICE® Supplement Drink is available nationally in the vitamin section of grocery, drug, club and Wal-Mart stores. JOINT JUICE® Drink Mix is available in the vitamin section of select grocery and drug stores, as well as for purchase online at and JOINT JUICE® Performance Water is available in the enhanced water aisle of most major grocery stores. For more information or to find Joint Juice in a store near you, visit or call us at 888-642-9941.

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