J.R. Carlson Repositions Brand as "Everything Your Heart Desires"

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - J.R. Carlson, a leading supplier of natural source health products for the past 40 years, is unveiling a new comprehensive heart nutrient marketing program called “Everything Your Heart Desires,” at this year’s National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada July 15 -17.

The Carlson Company produces some of the industry’s most venerable natural-based nutrients: Carlson fish oil products have been recognized as the category leader by Whole Foods Magazine (April 2005), and their ACES antioxidant formula has won the industry’s coveted VITY award from Vitamin Retailer Magazine for eleven consecutive years. At this year’s NNFA Show, J.R. Carlson Laboratories begins a repositioning based on its 40th Anniversary Celebration. Company President John R. Carlson says, “We wanted to review the overall brand message and our 40th Anniversary gave us a great chance to do it.”

Carlson has repositioned itself as a cross-category heart health company with a new marketing campaign based upon the major heart health product lines, including fish oils, antioxidants, cardiovascular support products, Vitamin E, and multiple formulas. “It’s here, in these five categories, where the real serious heart health products are found,” says Carlson. “Everything Your Heart Desires” has always been the core message of our brand. It’s in the strong position we have in fish oils, antioxidants and Vitamin E. Now, that message will be there for everyone to see. It will become a powerful message for our cardio formulas and multivitamins as well.”

Carlson says, “People are becoming more aware that cardio health is an essential component of longevity and vitality. The best way to maintain greater heart health is to provide a full range of important heart nutrients – in other words, ‘Everything Your Heart Desires.’”

Grouping the top five heart product categories together represents more than a new positioning. It is also a thoughtful approach to natural cardiovascular health for consumers. Carlson offers the broadest and deepest line of heart nutrients in the U.S., and each distinct category of heart nutrients meets specific customer demands and offers distinct health advantages. The five product categories under the J.R. Carlson umbrella of heart health include:

(1) Fish oils to promote healthy cardiovascular system function by helping to support normal cholesterol and regulate cell activity. Carlson produces the number one brand of all-natural fish oil nationwide (Whole Foods Magazine, 2005).

(2) Antioxidants suppress “free radicals” and other unstable substances in the body that can damage healthy cells due to pollution, smoking (including second-hand smoke), and excessive drinking. Carlson’s antioxidant ACES provides a “4-prong attack” that protects tissues, blood components, cell membranes, and “mops up” free radicals. ACES has performed as the top antioxidant in health retail outlets for eleven years, based on its consistent performance in the Vity Awards by Vitamin Retailer Magazine.

(3) Cardiovascular formulas such as Heart Energy, Cardi-Rite, Rhythm Right and Heartbeat Elite have been created to support specific cardiovascular needs. For example, Heartbeat Elite promotes normal electrical activity of the heart while maintaining the integrity of capillary walls, and helps convert fats into energy. For consumers who have had a “scare” due to an acute heart problem or a chronic heart issue, Heartbeat Elite has been a proven performer and has placed 3rd in the Annual Vity Award competition. “Customers have found the product with only limited marketing,” says John Carlson. “We’re looking to change that picture and become much more proactive in promoting our Cardiovascular formulas.”

(4) Vitamin E, which has been the flagship product of the Carlson Company for forty years, is made from all natural sources and is twice as active as synthetic Vitamin E. Carlson Vitamin E protects cell membranes while promoting cardiovascular function. The anti-aging benefits go hand in hand with natural Vitamin E’s ability to support healthy heart functioning.*

(5) Multiple vitamins such as Carlson’s Super 2 Daily, contain heart healthy portions of fish liver oil, antioxidants, letter vitamins and minerals, plus lutein which is important to healthy vision. Additionally, Carlson’s Multi-Gel contains Co-Enzyme Q10, an important heart nutrient which John Carlson likens to a “spark plug” for a car’s engine. “ The areas of the body where Co-Q-10 is most prevalent include the heart, liver, and skeletal muscles. According to Carlson, “Multiples are excellent for customers who wish to take just one supplement per day.”

J.R. Carlson Laboratories is the natural source pioneer in multi-category heart support supplements, including fish oils, antioxidants, cardio support, Vitamin E, multi-vitamins, and other health and wellness formulas. The pioneering natural source brand, founded in 1965 by John and Susan Carlson with a single Vitamin E formula, today offers the largest line of Vitamin E products in the world.

* Journal of the American Medical Association (vol 294, no1) July 6th, 2005, Women’s Health Study


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