Kaneka Q10 olive oil nabs NBT award

Kaneka Q10 olive oil nabs NBT award

Kaneka won the NBT award for “Most Effective Strategic Product Development” for its coenzyme Q10-enriched olive oil developed with the Italian manufacturer Costa d’Oro.

Kaneka Pharma Europe has won the NBT Award for “Most Effective Strategic Product Development.” Presented during Vitafoods 2012 in Geneva, Kaneka received the award for its coenzyme Q10-enriched olive oil, developed with the Italian manufacturer Costa d’Oro.

Peter Lambrechts, Business Development Manager for Functional Food Ingredients at Kaneka Pharma Europe, explains: “The aim of this project was to establish a new branch of functional food. There is huge potential for coenzyme Q10 in functional foods, especially as it is becoming more and more settled in consumers’ minds as a health-promoting ingredient. Q10 is essential for the body’s cellular energy production and thus directly affects the efficiency of important organs such as the heart, brain and liver. Q10 also acts as a strong antioxidant and free radical scavenger.”

Kaneka’s Q10-fortified olive oil is a more convenient way of incorporating the coenzyme into the daily diet without having to take a food supplement or even a hint of “medicine.“ Developed in a joint project with the Italian manufacturer Costa d’Oro, the delicious, extra virgin and scientifically sound oil is an extension of Costa d’Oro’s “Olisana” line. With its powerful antioxidant properties, it is being marketed with an “Anti-Ageing” positioning.

Peter Lambrechts continues: “Olisana Age Performance with Kaneka Q10 matches consumer demands perfectly: It is convenient, natural, tasty and scientifically proven to be healthy due to the high bioavailability of the Kaneka Q10. It follows a plausible logic and is thus easy to understand, as olive oil is already a natural source of Q10.”

The oil, which is patented by Costa d’Oro, is clear and bright, and ranges from green to amber green in colour. Available in 500 ml bottles, “Olisana Age Performance” has an elevated herbaceous and flowery olfactory aroma, while the taste is full-bodied and pleasant. Acidity lies at about 0.3 per cent. In addition to Q10, the oil contains other nutrients such as vitamin E, D and K2.

A completely natural substance, Kaneka Q10 is kosher and vegetarian. It is free from genetically modified organisms and GRAS-approved for use in foods. Since it is tasteless, odourless and crystalline, it is especially suitable for functional food applications. For use in lipid matrices such as olive oil, the lipophilic feature of the ingredient is optimal.

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