Karen Weaver Covers GMP Guidelines At IFT in Chicago

(Chicago, IL) July 14, 2003 – Food scientists, technologists and business professionals gathered on Sunday, July 13, at the 2003 International Food Technologists meeting at McCormick Place on Chicago’s lakefront, to hear Karen A. Weaver, partner in the law firm of Weaver & Amin in Chicago and FDA law adjunct professor at the University of DePaul College of Law, discuss the legal and business implications that may arise as a result of the proposed dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Weaver focused on guidelines for regulatory compliance and reviewed related issues including economic impact on manufacturers, packers and holders of dietary supplements.

Weaver noted that several provisions proposed by the FDA may make compliance difficult for industry members because of the monetary restrictions and possible legal issues that would be created.

In her practice, Weaver advises companies about the impending GMP regulations, FDA, FTC, USPS and customs regulatory compliance, advertising, and multi-leveling marketing matters. She represents clients before Federal and State administrative and judicial bodies, and devotes a portion of her practice to intellectual property litigation.

Weaver & Amin concentrates its practice in Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission, and related Federal and State regulatory compliance and litigation matters, contracts and business transactions, and intellectual property prosecution, maintenance, licensing, and litigation.

The firm's practice also includes the regulation of many consumer products such as cosmetics, medical devices, dietary supplements, food additives, organics, nutraceuticals, color additives, animal feeds, and biologics. A significant component of the practice involves new product labeling, clinical testing protocols, advertising, and legal and regulatory review of health claims and statements of nutritional support.

For more GMP information contact Weaver & Amin at (312) 466-0077 or by email at [email protected] The web site address is www.weaveramin.com.


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