Kenneth E. Milligan III, PhD Joins Health Strategy Consulting

– HSC Increases Science & Technology Business Consulting Focus –

Providence, RI, July 10, 2003 – Health Strategy Consulting LLC (HSC), a firm specializing in business strategy and implementation to leading companies in the nutrition industry, has amplified its focus on science and technology with the addition of Kenneth E. Milligan III, PhD in the role of Principal - Science & Technology.

Increasingly, innovative science looms at the core of successful health strategies in nutrition and natural products. HSC is determined to parallel this evolution by providing the expertise necessary to navigate the changing marketplace for not just novel, but marketable and profitable avenues for growth for its client base.

“The addition of Ken to our team solidifies our ability to help our clients in ways that are unmatched in the industry,” said Tom Clough, Managing Director of HSC. “Ken’s experience in research and in entrepreneurial environments will be a great asset to our offering. Our clients continue to look to us for accurate and creative assessments of the marketplace, and for practical solutions to grow their business. Ken will play a significant role in driving our focus on leveraging science as differentiator for our clients.”

About Ken Milligan
Dr. Ken Milligan is Principal - Science & Technology at Health Strategy Consulting and generally runs projects and components of projects that include a technology opportunity. Ken is specifically focused on helping HSC clients understand the market significance of technology and capitalizing on any advantage to reap superior market returns. With extensive laboratory experience, conducting research at Providence College and MD Anderson Cancer Center, Ken has led several key research projects around functional foods, infant formula and dietary supplements. Ken’s graduate work included collaborations with the NIH, NCI, and global pharmaceutical and agrichemical companies in pursuit of natural products that could be used to treat human diseases or prevent crop destruction. Prior to joining HSC, Ken founded and managed Scientopica, an internet Science portal focused on making the acquisition of online scientific information and resources more efficient. A native Rhode Islander, Ken received his undergraduate degree in biology from Providence College and was awarded a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry (Natural Products Chemistry) from Oregon State University.

About Health Strategy Consulting LLC
HSC is comprised of a group of professionals with expertise in research, development and implementation of health-based strategies for nutrition, food and pharmaceutical companies. With global knowledge ranging from technology development and ingredient manufacturing to licensing and retailing, the firm provides customized consulting services including strategic development and implementation, market overviews and research, partnering, and specialized industry reporting and workshops. For more information including sample projects and our global experience, visit


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