KGK Synergize Receives GLP Certification

London, Ont. – December 6, 2005 - KGK Synergize Inc. (KGK) today announced the achievement of GLP recognition from the Standards Council of Canada. KGK’s laboratory facility and a toxicity study were audited by the Standards Council of Canada in August 2005, resulting in the accreditation. The scope of the certification includes mutagenicity studies, toxicity studies, toxicokinetics, analytical and clinical chemistry studies, pharmacokinetic studies, in vitro and in vivo biological studies.

“While KGK Synergize has always followed the international OECD guidelines, having been audited and accredited by the Standards Council of Canada ensures our customers that we have the proper practices in place to conduct pre-clinical studies to the highest standards”, states Robert A. Guthrie, VP, CRS Division. “It is extremely important to conduct studies in accordance with GLP, especially if you are submitting to regulatory boards such as the FDA or Health Canada and to obtain GRAS status for food ingredients”.

KGK Synergize provides contract research services in the areas of nutraceutical research, analytical chemistry, immunology, toxicology, autoimmune diseases, etc. and clinical trials.

For further information on KGK Synergize Inc., contact Kristen Reynolds at 519-438-9374 Ext. 222 or [email protected].

Kristen Reynolds
519-438-9374 Ext. 222
[email protected]

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