Kougen Co.,Ltd. Japan announces George Larsen as VP Sales in formation of Kougen USA

March 1, 2006 -- George Larsen has been appointed VP Sales of Kougen USA for the introduction of several ingredients, including CoQ10, to the United States supplement industry.

Johnny Jin, Executive Vice President of Kougen Co.,Ltd. of Shizuoka, Japan stated “George embodies the spirit and soul of what Kougen represents to the marketplace and we are proud to welcome him to our team”. Kougen emphasizes innovative new products, new businesses and a new future within the global supplement industry. Mr.Jin stated “the integrity and value of the individual is of primary importance both within Kougen and as it relates to our customers”.

This announcement represents a growing commitment by Kougen to better and more fully service the needs and requirements of the global supplement industry. It is expected that Kougen USA will be fully functional by April 1, 2006 and provide both technical and sales assistance to its customers.

“Kougen represents the best material the world has to offer and I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic and formidable operation” said Mr. Larsen; “I am fortunate to have this opportunity of supporting the many levels of quality and integrity Kougen USA brings to this marketplace”.

George Larsen


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