Latin American Herbal Medicines Harmonization of Regulatory and Drug Development

September 1-2, 2003
Santiago Marriott Hotel

Santiago, CHILE


The program will analyze the regulatory status of herbal products manufactured and/or distributed in Latin America and provide an open forum for discussing their potential for harmonization in areas related to research and development, taxonomy, nomenclature, labeling, assessment of safety and efficacy, sustainability and intellectual property. It is expected that discussions may lead to establish partnerships aimed to provide quality, safe and efficacious herbal products to Latin American consumers and to facilitate the growing and development of herbal drugs, and their integration within the regional and world marketplace.

DIA is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization that encourages a neutral forum between regulators and regulated industry.

Space Is Still Available...

To view program details, download a registration form or register online, go to

Questions regarding this program may be forwarded to [email protected]

The DIA looks forward to seeing you in Santiago, CHILE.

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