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Lead or get off the pot!

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Lead or get off the pot!

by Pat Croce with Bill Lyon

Fireside Books ©2004, 196 pages, $21.00 (ISBN # 0-7432-4681-0).

The Seven Secrets of a Self-Made Leader

Leadership author and motivational guru Pat Croce has once again encapsulated his greatest thoughts and lessons about leadership into an inspirational page-turner. Full of personal stories and useful ideas about leading others, Lead or Get Off the Pot! turns practical advice about business and life into numerous action lists, including “

Twelve Ways
to Build Passion,” “Croce’s Three Rules for Praise,” and “TeamBuilding’s Dirty Dozen.” The latter includes such timeless gems of wisdom as, “Praise in public and criticize in private,” and “Be more curious and less critical.” Stories from Croce’s childhood and professional life make this an exciting read that reverberates with colorful anecdotes and memorable take-away points.

When Croce explains that one of a leader’s most vital jobs is to make people feel good, he draws from his credibility as a leader who during his five-year tenure as president of the Philadelphia 76ers led the team with the worst record in the league to become first in the NBA standings, breaking franchise attendance, revenue, merchandise, and consecutive win records on its way to the NBA Championships against the Los Angeles Lakers. Croce’s high-energy entrepreneurial spirit and depth of common sense make him one of the most enthusiastic leadership experts to put his ideas into a framework anyone, anywhere can use to lead others to success.

‘Pat Croce Pointers’

Using examples from his experiences as a business leader and public figure to dramatize the lessons he imparts, Croce communicates valuable business truths in as few words as are necessary to take leaders to the next level of success. Throughout Lead or Get Off the Pot!, he uses dozens of “Pat Croce Pointers” — brief yet eloquent sidebars that sum up the book’s leadership principles — to express the crux of his ideas. These pointers include:

• One of the most crucial promises a leader makes, whether she knows it or not, is that she’ll consistently rise above the bar that she herself sets.

• What’s worse than making a mistake is not admitting it and correcting it.

• The leader must be fully aware of the goals, roles and tolls that affect each member of the staff. Knowing these things will lead to proper action, and effective interaction.

• Customer service can be boiled down to two words: Listen and React — with action!

Croce’s book overflows with advice that can make the job of being an effective leader, or becoming one, easier. Simple yet relevant tips include how to remember somebody’s name, how not to treat customers, how to inspire a creative team of staff members, how to lead while practicing the Golden Rule, and how to celebrate successes, both big and small.

Inside Sports and Business

Croce illustrates his lessons with many stories about his own experiences inside the world of sports and business. From the touching story of a boy and his family who were deeply moved by Croce’s telephone call after the child underwent brain surgery, to the valuable lessons about customer service learned by Croce and his business partner while the two went on a shopping spree for their employees, the stories contained here illustrate Croce’s remarkable ability to turn stories from his exceptional life into timeless leadership lessons about listening, restraint, respect, curiosity, honesty and trust. His success, insightful wisdom and positive attitude provide the right mix to make his practical lessons about improving workplace, community and personal life hard to ignore.~

Why We Like ThIS Book

Lead or Get Off the Pot! is written in such a compelling, conversational tone that the lessons Croce imparts come to the reader as if they were imparted by a close personal friend or mentor. By offering up his experiences and knowledge in an accessible way, Croce provides his readers with memorable milestones with which they can better guide their own personal journeys into a full life of fulfillment and leadership. ~

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