Leading European Herbal Education Program Now Available in the US

Bioforce USA has announced that retailers and their staffs now have access to the world renowned A Vogel Institute course on phytotherapy and human health. The course curriculum was developed by Jen Tan, M.D., an Herbal Medicine Specialist, in tandem with Bioforce AG researchers and published authors.

“We are encouraging participation because more and more mainstream consumers are turning to botanical supplements to support health and well-being,” says Eileen Sheets, Managing Director of Bioforce USA. It is imperative for naturals stores to further distinguish themselves from the mass market competition by ensuring staff members have expertise in phytotherapy.”

Sheets noted that although the course is developed by Bioforce’s international phytotherapy experts, it is not a course on Bioforce products; and the knowledge gained will help retailer staffers sell all botanical products.

Students will receive a proposed timetable with the module package at the beginning of the course. An assessment test (multiple choice) at the end of each module must be returned to us by fax, mail, or the test may be taken directly on the website. A score of 60% is the passing grade for each Module. Should you not attain the passing grade, we will send you a second assessment test. If the student must suspend his or her studies for a long period, the Institute must be notified. Students are allowed a two-year window from their start date during which they complete the course.

The correspondence course features 12 modules, and takes approximately 48 hours of work to complete, after which a certificate is issued if the student passes. The course is structured as follows:

Module 1: An Introduction to Phytotherapy and Basic Physiology
Module 2: The immune system
Module 3: The circulatory system
Module 4: The respiratory system
Module 5: The digestive system
Module 6: The urinary system
Module 7: The reproductive system
Module 8: The nervous system
Module 9: Special senses
Module 10: Musculoskeletal system
Module 11: The skin
Module 12: The endocrine system

The cost per student for the course is $300. There are limited scholarships available. For more information, contact Eileen Sheets t 800-641-7555 x100 or [email protected]

To learn more, visit www.BioforceUSA.com

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