Life Force(TM) Leads Industry in Scientific Comparison of 500 Multiples

Scotts Valley, California – August 18, 2003 – Source Naturals®, creators of the highly acclaimed line of health and wellness supplements, is honored in a new guide intended to help consumers “navigate the maze” of multiple vitamins on the market today. The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by biochemist Lyle MacWilliam (3rd Edition) is a non-biased, rigorous analysis for those who wish to explore the science of advanced multiple vitamin formulations.

Published by Northern Dimensions Publishing, the guide examines over 500 multiple vitamin products. Of all products evaluated, Source Naturals Life Force™ Multiple was ranked #4, and Source Naturals Élan Vital™ Multiple ranked #5, Of the top-ranked brands. Source Naturals is directly available to consumers in natural product stores.

With each edition of this comparative guide, Mr. MacWilliams has built on previous research as newly published scientific findings have become available. The result has been the creation of a robust analytical model, based on scientific literature and recommendations from seven cited authorities – Phyllis Balch, CNC; Dr. Michael Colgan, Ph.D.; Dr. Earl Mindell, Ph.D.; Dr. Michael Murray, N.D.; Dr. Richard Passwater, Ph.D.; Dr. Ray Strand, M.D.; and Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. Each of these professionals is recognized and respected within the scientific, medical or naturopathic communities. Each has published one or more works relating to nutrition.

Qualifying multiples were assessed quantitatively using fourteen criteria – completeness; potency; bioavailability; bioactivity of vitamin E; cardiac health triad; homocysteine reduction triad; bone health complex; antioxidant triad; glutathione support; metabolic support; bioflavonoid profile; phenolic compound profile; lipotropic factors; and potential toxicities.

“Scoring exceptionally well in all 14 criteria is rare,” said MacWilliam. “However, the four companies in the overall top ranking - including Source Naturals - have clearly shown their commitment to nutritional science.”

Source Naturals Life Force Multiple scored very well in all 14 areas, reflecting the company’s dedication to creating Bio-Aligned Formulas that go deep to the underlying cause of health imbalances. Life Force and Élan Vital Multiples help bring alignment to multiple, interdependent body systems: brain, eyes, heart, immune, liver and skeletal systems. The products include the highest quality ingredients, in the best available forms.

For more information, or purchase locations for the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, call the distributor, Threshold Enterprises, at 1-800-777-5677.

For more information for the Life Force Multiple, or Élan Vital Multiple, visit the Source Naturals website at

Source Naturals – founded by Ira Goldberg in 1982 – is committed to enhancing individual potential to enjoy optimal health and well-being by providing superior-quality dietary supplements and nutritional education. For more information, pricing or purchase locations, please visit

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