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Lifeway tests kefir kiosks at Whole Foods

Lifeway tests kefir kiosks at Whole Foods
Lifeway is testing a new kiosk concept to deliver its Starfruit soft-serve frozen kefir and smoothies to the Boston area.

Lifeway Foods, Inc., America’s leading supplier of cultured dairy products kefir and organic kefir, is testing a new kiosk concept to deliver its Starfruit soft serve frozen kefir and smoothies in the Boston area. The Chicago-based company is evaluating the concept with an eye toward possible expansion.

Lifeway Foods is uniquely positioned for expansion because the company’s large manufacturing volume and established distribution network enables it to pass significant savings along to partners. The company also offers robust support to partners, including a national strategic marketing plan, innovative customer awareness and business development programs, an experienced support team and easy kiosk integration into established retail outlets such as grocery stores, universities, hotels and food service locations. Kefir-based products, which originate from a liquid rather than a frozen base, generally offer lower logistics costs than their frozen yogurt counterparts.

But the heart of the difference between kefir and yogurt-based frozen treats is the taste and health benefits, and Lifeway Foods emphasized their products’ competitive edge by offering free samples of Starfruit soft serve frozen kefir and Starfruit Signature Smoothies to Boston Marathon participants. Customers can now try the popular treat at the café inside the Whole Foods Wellesley store. Lifeway Foods, an environmentally conscious company, will soon celebrate EarthFest in Boston on May 19 by offering their unique probiotic products to festival goers.

Fans note that Starfruit frozen kefir not only tastes better than frozen yogurt, but it’s healthier too because it’s made with Lifeway Kefir. Kefir is cultured milk filled with friendly micro-organisms called probiotics that help to maintain a healthy digestive system and boost immunity. More nutritious than yogurt, kefir is an excellent source of calcium and protein.

Starfruit frozen kefir offers 10 live probiotic cultures with three times the amount of probiotic activity found in regular yogurt. Additionally, the company’s frozen kefir is gluten-free, 99 percent lactose-free and contains only 15 calories per ounce. It’s all-natural, containing no artificial colors or flavors, and contains no high fructose corn syrup. However, for Lifeway Kefir fans, it’s all about the taste.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Whole Foods on a whole new level,” noted Julie Smolyansky, President and CEO of Lifeway Foods Inc. “Our Starfruit soft serve complements our already popular frozen kefir pints, and offers instant gratification to shoppers. This is the first time Starfruit has been offered outside of Chicago, and we expect a great response.”

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