Littleford Day & Guelph Food Technology Center Team Up

Littleford Day, Inc. the leading supplier of Mixing, Granulating, Micor-Encapsulating, Drying, Cooking, Extracting, Sterilizing, and Reacting equipment to the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry has joined forces with the Guelph Food Technology Center located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This new partnership has been created to introduce a new laboratory testing facility to Canadian Customers to assist them in process development and scale-up.

Littleford Bros. (founded in 1882) and the J.H. Day Company (founded in 1887) completed the final stage of their merger in 1992 entering into a strategic union to offer a comprehensive product line to better serve its Food and Pharmaceutical customers. The results have been remarkable, Littleford Day headquartered in Florence, Kentucky has the combined experience and comprehensive knowledge to help its customer meet the ever-increasing diverse demands of the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.

LITTLEFORD DAY HAS THE SOLUTIONS AND ANSWERS TO PROBLEMS FACING THE FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES. Littleford Day's application expertise, technology, advances in design, engineering acumen, and advanced manufacturing tools and methods are all combined at Littleford Day, Inc. to resolve the most difficult and demanding problems facing our Food and Pharmaceutical customers. Littleford Day provides to the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries unmatched levels of experience, technical expertise and service excellence. Littleford Day maintains a rental fleet of laboratory, pilot plant and production units for customers' use in their own plants.

The production of all Littleford Day processing equipment for the Food Industry begins with the engineering of quality, performance, and reliability into every order specifically for each customer. This is accomplished utilizing the advanced engineering sciences of today including Finite Element Modeling and Analysis (FEA) and state of the art three dimensional Computer Automated Design (CAD), integrated with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

All Food and Pharmaceutical equipment is routinely manufactured in accordance with "GMP" and can be specified to meet or exceed all of the different sanitary regulations as detailed by the FDA, 3A, USDA and the Pharmaceutical Industry, making Littleford Day equipment the best equipment in the market today.

Littleford Day
Stephen Lukawski, Canadian Regional Sales Manager, Food & Pharmaceutical Market.
Phone (905) 878-9952, Toll Free: (888) 472-2275, Fax: (905) 878-9912.
E-mail: [email protected]

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