Lonza Signs Metagenics for Health Professional Channel with PepZin GI(TM)

Doctor Market is Substantial Target

Fair Lawn, NJ– Lonza, Inc. has selected Metagenics as its exclusive healthcare professional marketing partner for PepZin GITM¯sold under the name ZinloriTM 75. Zinlori 75 is a patented dietary supplement with notable effects on stomach health and function. Studied extensively for its ability to interact with Helicobacter pylori, support gastric health, and relieve dyspeptic symptoms, Zinlori 75 delivers PepZin GI, the all-natural, chelated complex of L-carnosine and zinc in a 1:1 ratio for maximum bioavailability and efficacy.

This is the second of several supply channel agreements in Lonza’s campaign to bring PepZin GI to Europe and North America. “Metagenics is the leader within the healthcare professional channel,” offered Dan Murray, Associate Director of Technical Development for Nutrition at Lonza. “Metagenics’ earnest commitment to evidence-based bioactive ingredients, their impressive sales force, and brand equity among doctors made the partnership a natural selection.”

“Our diligent quest for clinical validation and an evidence base struck a harmonious chord with Lonza’s PepZin GI,” stated Jeffrey Bland, PhD, President and Chief Science Officer at Metagenics. “Upon scrutinizing the extensive safety and efficacy data on PepZin GI, we determined that our allegiance of healthcare professional clients and their patient base would derive great benefits from its use.”

“We are very excited to have Metagenics’ pharma-caliber field representatives disseminate the evidence and IP package on PepZin GI and foster adoption within the integrative healthcare sector,” concluded Murray.

Lonza has an exclusive distribution agreement to market PepZin GI in North America and Europe. In Japan, PepZin GI has been sold for over a decade under the name Polaprezinc which is manufactured by Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. PepZin GI offers exceptional, “drug-like” patent protection, in that the molecule itself is claimed. This allows Lonza’s strategic marketing partners unparalleled exclusivity.

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